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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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Racism, a tool to divide and rule (2)

Just the day after listening to a couple of interviews about racism as a tool of the Power Elite to divide and rule, about which I wrote my first Journal entry, I was faced with some racism concerning myself. How odd...

A few weeks ago, the Dubroom posted an article written by Aaron Judah with the title "Rastafari Babylon". This article was a contribution to an open reasoning on various websites concerning some internal issues in the Movement of Rastafari. Although the article is placed on the Dubroom, that doesn't mean I personally feel like I had to contribute to this reasoning.

So far, so good.

The reasoning continued on several Rasta fora on the Internet: let me mention the Twelve Tribes Live Up Board, the Irascom Board, and the "Fullfilled Rasta" Board. Because some of these boards only allow certain people to post, this made the reasoning a little bit complicated. Some postings contain quotes from other boards without mentioning the original url's, and stuff like that.

Then, on one board someone quoted from another forum. Take a look at this posting. It contains remarks concerning someone, and a quote. That quote was taken from this thread. Here it is:

I said it once and i say it again..there is no need for some global international Rasta organization to over see anything...
RAstafari will go where the wind blows it.... a seed goes where the wind takes then grows by itself. That is the vitality of rastafari...once centralized it will die. i dont agree period with no gobal babylon inspired nonsense...Bongo Miguel

Well, you can take this posting for what it is. I personally think it adresses a principal which could be quite relevant in that internal reasoning. However, this was, and still is, not really anything of my business. Bongo Miguel just posted this, his opinnion, and on the other board they were not really liking it. And so they placed comments on this and started to adress other members of that group against Bongo Miguel's person as well as his opinnion.

Then something interesting happenned. In a response to this warning, there was a response wherein this Bongo Miguel (personally I know him as Ras Miguel) was compared with me. And this comparance was not only that, it was equally an outright racist attack towards me. The following was said (emph. mine):

Messian Dread who is publishing books on the internet smashing 'Mark Mohr of Christafari', an the ludacrisness of that is that Messian dread is the SAME EXACT CATEGORY AS THE ONE HE IS BASHING..LOL..HE IS A WHITE, DREADLOCKS, believes you must come to he calls him Iyesus, and is NOT A RASTA, (BUT THEN AGAIN, MARK MOHR SEH HIM NUH RASTA too), PLAYS REGGAE MUSIK, AN IS FROM THE NETHERLAND. So mi ask how is Messian Dread any different than Christafari? He is not, except him bawl out Jah Rastafari, an chrsitafari dont.

Factually, what this is saying is: because I have a certain skin colour and the one who I expose (Mark Mohr of Christafari) appears to have the same skin colour, I am not able to discern the difference between the message of the Christafari Organization and my own meditations. When you're "white, dreadlocks" it doesn't matter what you say or do, you will be thrown into this "category".

This becomes clear, when you look at all the other "categories". "Dreadlocks", "playing Reggae", being in a certain location like the USA or the Netherlands, not believing that the Ethiopian Emperor is JAH Rastafari, believing that you must call on Yesus Kristos the Divine Saviour, well maybe apart from playing Reggae, they all do apply to the very same person who wrote the racist words!!

The only difference is the colour of the skin!

And so I wrote the following on this thread:

Greeting in the Name of the Most High Jah Rastafari!

It has come to my attention, that unfortunately I am being drawn into this matter. It seems like Ras Miguel's statement above have provoked a reaction in which he is now compared with me.

First, I think it's not so important who Ras Miguel is, who I am, who anyone is. JAH can even make truth come out of the mouth of a donkey, or an ex-pagan like me, or Ras Miguel. When we speak foolishness, then leave it for what it is. When we speak the truth, then don't bother who we are either. To have a focus on persons rather then what they say is not a sign of love for the truth.

And what else can set us free but the truth?

I think it's true, that centralized and organized systems to oversee groups of people globally are not showing how they think for themselves. As a principal. Whether this is so with "Irascom" or not, is none of my business. I am not a Rasta, I do not call myself a Rasta because I am not of Israel. I am a born again Pagan. But I do serve JAH Rastafari, because He created us all. And I thank the Good JAH Rastafari for comming in the flesh in Yesus Kristos to save me by His precious blood. There are too many people who call themselves Rasta who are not Rasta at all and I am not one of these people.

I do have the utmost respect for the Movement of Rastafari. I have respect for Israel. There are even many Christian in Israel! Haile Selassie is the Ikon of Christ in His Kingly Character, and the movement of Rastafari showed this to me. The "Christian Church" did not show this to me.

Then, I have seen how there were racist remarks concerning me, in this very same comparance with Ras Miguel. It was said that because I am not a Rasta, but "white" and "have dreadlocks" and should therefore not be able to discern the difference between someone who follows Yesus Kristos or a Pharisee who works for the Christian Industrial Complex in order to make people slaves of the very same White Geezus that so-called created black people to serve white people.

It is odd, that one self proclaimed Rasta would have to be racist towards me, not recognizing how the very same unmasking of the white jesus as the false christ is chanting down racism and revealing a black Christ, a Rastafari Teaching, is the root of my meditation. the ones who I expose, Christafari, know this too well as they call my meditation "a compromising blend of Rastafarianism and Christianity" (that was a quote).

Now when Ras Miguel's statement, which as far as I can see only adresses a principal, provokes people to compare him with me in my meditation on Christafari, and have no other argumentation then personal slander where Jah can make truth come out of a donkey's ass even, call me a donkey's ass if you will, then I i know for a fact that is not Rastafari.

I know for a fact, that the Movement of Rastafari is not racist. I know that the message of Rastafari is: "Think For Yourself", and "Know Yourself". And so I do. I know for a fact, that being born again through the Black Christ has nothing to do with racism either. But I do know that ones who reside in the United states Of America must be aware for the strong racist spirit that is over that land.

I don't want to be drawn into this debate, even though I have published an article (not written by me) on my website. I am not a Rasta, because I am not of Israel. But that does not mean that I am unable to be a dread. I am dread because i am born again in the Black Christ. I have also worked very hard, year after year, to get good information, truth information, about Rastafari to my Christian brothers and sisters. That is a thing which Christafari does not do, and I find it odd that a self proclaimed Rasta would still not know the difference between Christafari and me.

I hope that my website will be a source of good information about Rastafari too, so I would like to invite every thoughtfull writer who has something to say about in-depth subjects to come, too. I am a Truthlover first and foremost. And a Freethinker. This is not strange, because the Truth shall set you Free.

I have written an email to the one who compared Ras Miguel with me with the subject: "How can a racist stand for unity" and the message body: "That's the one question I have for you.

One Love, MD"

I give thanks for all true Rastas that I know, for I have never engaged racism and I could never have learned about the Black Christ from no "church".

Give thanks, Respect. One Love, Messian Dread

After this posting, I noticed how the racism continued. It turned out, that the one who put out that remarks concerning me was inviting people to her own message board where the racism continued. After all, when you have a certain skin colour, you are "the same category" no matter what. Take a look.

Give tanks Sistren Kaya for the invite. I saw the other mess you mention on the other board, but you know you have a good point

mohr is white, has locks, and wears ites, green and gold, and plays reggae, and is a christian (born again him say), says he wants to tell Rasta people about Je-sus and that Selassie is not Jah the Almighty God.

messian dread is white, has locks, and wears ites, green and gold, and plays reggae, and is a christian (well I read where he say pagan christian!!!!), says he wants to spread the gospel of Christos (same meaning as Christ) and that Selasie is not Jah the Almighty God.

To me there is no difference between these two.

Now, this was not new to me. The accusation of having a certain skin colour and some subsequent incapability to discern any other difference spiritually or otherwise was aimed to me before. By the very same person. Who, by the way responded to the above with the following:

INI dont go on that subjeck here, becuz that is jus a waste of time, an there are plenety of boards where ones can go to hear the great christiafari and messian dread feud. Mi nuh inna it. Raspeck. He jus got feelin a way becuz mi call pon him name, lol. I thought he likes all that attention, but any way Iyah, glad to see you aboard.

As said, I sent her an email with the question what racism had to do with "unity", which is one of the words this particular person frequently uses in her many postings all over the Internet. A selective unity, that is. But never mind that, though. When you have a certain "category", you're obviously not of other "categories" and so there you have the "unity". Needless to say that I didn't receive any response from the e-mail other then the public remark "I thought he likes all that attention". Well, no, I do not like these kind of attention thank you. I do not like to be judged by the colour of a man's skin, which is of no more significance then the colour of my eyes. I do not like to be drawn into a debate where I have nothing to do with, as I know that I am not of that "category" of which the debate appearantly has to be about.

And so, while this continued, it became clear how indeed racism was the issue at hand. I was just an "easy target" for the person who decided to fire this racism at me.

No, I don't like his "attention" at all. Neither do I want to give it that much either. I know that true Rastafari has nothing to do with racism. But because there are appearantly some who claim they represent Rastafari and in this claim commit this racism, I do not take this as lightly. It was the movement of Rastafari who taught me all kinds of things without which I could never have discovered the truth, "the half that has never been told" so to speak.

In a second posting in this thread, I wrote:

Greetings, thank you very much for the words.

As said, I'd rather not have myself drawn into this internal debate, but since ones appearantly needed to slander me and even express racism and claim how they represent "rasta" i just wanted to add some thoughts. I have seen allready how the slandering and racism continues on certain places even as I write, and I will not have myself drawn into this debate by stating what I think about Irascom.

I value this board and other boards which i visit. I hardly post anything. Why not? Because I have nothing to say. But I do read. And the only reason why I posted was to express how i will not be falling into the trap to see the racism are representative of the Movement of Rastafari. In other words: they can racist me whatever they want in order to tell the world just what Rasta is, I will not believe that their racism is representative of Rastafari. What they are doing is described in many so-called "exposures of Rastafarianism" as they call Rastafari in too many so-called christian publication. I know it's not Rasta. And yes, I can see the difference between one following the Truth and one following a lie even when they appear to have the same "colour of a man's skin" (!). and they try very hard to fit the description that christafari and other give of Rastafari but still I do not accept it. For I know that christafari consciously lies about Rastafari. The proof is in my book.

I have been taught many things from a Black Skinned Yesus Dread Rasta back in the 1980's. A humble lion in the literal sense of the word. He told me exactly what I need to be told. He also warned me for the racism which I now experience. I come from a long way. I am not saying anything as some new revelation. I thought for years and years and I still think and develope in my thinking. Also this whole race thing, I am emancipated from that. This emancipation does not mean I deny Yesus Kristos being Black. It simply means that I know what it means. It doesn't mean that one can say he is superior over another.

Yes, I could say I am of Spiritual Israel. There are also many who call me Rasta, and also true Rasta call me Rasta some times. But I do not feel like I am the one to call myself Rasta. In Zion, there is 12 gates. 12 Tribes. But also 12 seats for apostles. am I of Spiritual Israel? I truly do not know at this moment. Maybe I am, maybe I am not... I just don't want to be too light about it. It's a serious matter. Worry on those who say they are of Israel and they are not. So I will not call myself of Israel until I am 100% sure that I am.

Give thanks, nuff Respect to all true Rasta and nuff prayers to all racists.

One Love, MD

I decided to add this to my journal, a personal journal. Not only to show that no I do not like this kind of attention, also to show that I truly do not believe the Movement of Rastafari to be a racist movement. I think that when some come to you and claim to represent Rastafari and turn out to judge you on the colour of your skin, you are not dealing with someone who is truly a representative of the teaching of Rastafari.

The Bible says that we are all created out of One Blood. That means, that we should not judge each other, put each other in these racist categories in order to make fun out of each other. That is not only personally an insult, it is also a big disrespect towards our Creator JAH Rastafari, Who made us all out of this One Blood.

JAH JAH cared so much for us, that He even became human Himself, in Yesus Kristos, in order to give His Own Precious Blood for all of mankind, so that we can be saved from the coming wrath of JAH towards the iniquity workers of Babylon System!

Haile Selassie, the Ethiopian Emperor, said: "Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior, until the colour of a man's skin is of no more importance than the colour of his eye, there will be war".

But that war is not a war in which you can count me in.

One Love,
Messian Dread (Nov 30, 2005)




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