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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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Love and Unity (2) 

ime for an eye witness account....

This will be a little bit personal here and there...

It's funny, how loving the truth can lead you to experiencing the most bizarre things. When you're not interested in unholy alliances, when you know how there is a difference between love and unity, you will have to face the reality that there are those who are more interested in their own "positive" feelings rather then finding the truth for themselves. And they will blame you for not being "one" and, ofcourse, "being negative". They will even hate you, forget their "positiveness" for a minute or two and show their true foundation.

You recognize it instantly, as in: the moment you are being attacked over who you are because of what you say.

The latest experience in this area was for me a few hours ago, when I read something on a website of self-proclaimed followers of Yesus Kristos, blaming me for not adhering to the official Haitian State Religion (Vodouism) because I do not support Christafari. Yes, you read that correctly. This is how bizarre it goes when you have something else but the truth to unify you. But then, I think that for those who are willing to search deep, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise either...

There are several things in this matter, that show clearly how there is a difference between a unity based on the Truth and a unity based on "positiveness" (see previous posting called "Love and Unity"). For ultimately, I am blamed by self professed followers of Yesus Kristos for not willing to be in spiritual unity with for example "Christafari", or, yes the Haitian state religion of Vodou. To them, "love" means "unity" which means "don't say anything which might hurt the good feelings of another one".

I do not believe that Love and Unity are the same things. I believe that I must love everyone but not have spiritual unity with everyone. But not being able to have a spiritual unity with everyone doesn't prevent me from loving the other one stil.. This become clear when you consider the unity of a marriage, which is partly sexual. While the married couple have unity, they still love everyone but it doesn't mean they have unity with everyone. Spiritually, this is the same. I do not need to have a form of spiritual unity with ones who believe in a different God and that doesn't prevent me from being able to share love still. For love and unity are truly two different things.

Having said that, now what is the connection between Christafarianism and Vodouism? The answer to that can be found in an MSN Group called "The House of the Fullfilled Rastafari". It can also be found on the Dubroom messageboard, by the way.

What is the "House of the Fullfilled Rasta"? For those of you who don't know, it's a messageboard on the Internet by self-proclaimed followers of Yesus Kristos claiming to be a "New House of Rastafari". Based on a saying by ex-I threes singer Judy Mowatt, who calls herself Fullfiled Rasta after she cut her dreadlocks, this "New House" is founded in order to get acceptance in the infrastructure of "Irascom", a controversial organization (cl)aiming to unify all members and/or houses of the Movement of Rastafari. Signatures needed to get "Full fille Rasta" accepted in this organization were collected partly on the Christafari Message Boards. 

I have written before on the "Fullfilled Rasta" and I have said quite a few things about the fact that it seems like this "New House Of Rastafari" is possibly some kind of of infiltration from the Christafari Organization into the Movement of Rastafari. The fact that signatures to get "Fullfilled Rasta" accepted in Irascom are gathered on the Christafari's messageboard, as well as the fact that the founder of the "Fullfilled Rasta House" subsequently used the infrastructure of Irascom to spread racist attacks towards me because I publish books about Christafari should say enough. To study a little deeper into what exactly is so "Rasta" about this "Fullfilled Rasta" might bring quite a few relevant details to the surface as well... But that's none of my business.

There is a very strong debate about this organization "Irascom". There are those who are in favour of what the organization (cl)aims to do and there are those who oppose it. Personally, I prefer to stay out of the debate as I am not calling myself a Rasta. But repeatedly, I am being drawn into the debate by the "Fullfilled House of Rastafari". Irascom's Message Board, where you can only post when you are a member of the organization and supportive of Irascom's philosophy, is even used to spread racist remarks concerning me which will definitely make people think that Irascom itself is a racist organization. Something which may be of concern for that organization, but that aside. It's none of my business, after all.

In the debate about Irascom, there are those who oppose the organization and her (cl)aims. The members of the "House of Fullfilled Rasta" have a certain technique to attack those that oppose Irascom. These people are then being compared with me, or they are being accused of not hating me. It's easy, for these self proclaimed followers of Yesus Kristos, because they also claim to be Rasta and they know how I am not calling myself a Rasta and do not want to participate in the debate about Irascom either. I am simply a very easy target. 

This becomes obvious, when you see just how ones who oppose Irascom actually do this. According to a posting by the "Chairman" of the organization, he was faced with all kinds of violence and threads by whom he himself called "Rastas". And in the online debate about the organization, containing much argumentated and thoughtfull reasoning, Irascom is compared with the One World Order while there also circulates a cartoon wherein they are being compared with MacDonald's. All this, obviously, to the chagrin of Irascom. 

And so their "Chairman" speaks out. Everytime this is done in front of the "Fullfilled House of Rasta", however, I am being drawn into the diss-cuss-I-on. One time, a criticaster is compared with me, another time someone is blamed for not hating me, and a third time someone is accused of "being Messian Dread's friend". These are then the ultimate arguments to convince people of the neccesity of the Irascom Organization...

Count your blessings... With such friends....

It goes further.

The founder of the "House of Fullfilled Rasta" is a strong supporter of Christafari, too, which is the basis for her personal hatret towards me. Before I spoke out on Christafari, she didn't hate me at all. I even received some nice personal things sent to me by mail in which she expressed her happiness with the things I am doing. That changed completely after I spoke out against Christafari.

I have had long time public reasonings with her after I released my first book on the Christafari Organization. These reasonings became very heated, when it turned out that we were both having a totally different set of arguments as well as philosophy. Her arguments to make me stop exposing Christafari were no arguments to me. And my arguments to expose Christafari were no arguments to her. While she urged me to not write any "negativeness" about Christafari, because of "Unity", I tried to bring forward the facts which clearly show how Christafari should be exposed, that is when you want to do what is written in the Bible and you want to expose the works of darkness rather then participating in them.

After all, there is a difference between love and unity. While we must love everyone, we should not strive to be in unity with everyone. Ask any married couple about the difference between love and unity. 

After a while, "the founder of the House of the Fullfilled Rasta" became so angry at me for not willing to base my statements about Christafari on "positive" or "negative" rather then the truth, that she became verbally abusive and cyber-stalked me to quarrel with me everywhere I went and then blaming me for who I am. Screaming and insulting me, attacking my person with racist remarks and what have you. She does so, until this day. Now appearantly even webmasters are blamed for not immediatly removing me of the membership list, a thing which is done repeatedly at "Christian" boards in support of Christafarianism. And this, ultimately, is also because I expose Christafari. What a "love", isn't it.... 

At a certain point, while writing on the Dubroom Messageboards how I should stop exposing Christafari, she said something like "I don't really know why I write this but it makes some sense", and started to make fun of my name, Messian Dread by changing the word Messian into "Mess-I-Am". This verbal abuse was some kind of ultimate argument to convince me to not expose Christafari... Oddly, the word "Dread" was left unchanged where "Messian" was the target of the humour... Anyway, I told her that the previous one who called me like that was a Vodou Priest who didn't like Messiah. Back in 1997, 1998 I had some fierce debates with a self proclaimed Vodou Priest who had appearantly the same "kind of humour" and she really didn't like Yesus Kristos as she said stuff like Yesus is a tool of enslavement and all of that. I haven't spoken with her for years... And so I was reminded of that when I read the name-calling.

To my surprise, I got an answer from another self proclaimed adherant of the Haitian State Religion. Oddly enough, the answer was written from the very same account as the one used by the founder of the "House of the Fullfilled Rasta". And it basically said, that I was being "euro-centered" and "attacking African culture". I hadn't really done anything but simply mentioning how the previous one who called me names that way was a Vodou Priest who didn't like Yesus Kristos. 

Now, a little bit of research shows how Vodouism has many roots in the Roman Catholic "Church" and therefore has not so much to do with African Culture as it's adherants would like other people to believe, but that's not really the point. I simply can not have a spiritual unity with an adherant of Vodouism but not because of Africa. That which prevents me from having a spiritual unity with an adherant of Vodou is something which is a global thing, not specifically African or European. That which prevents me, is the fact that I'm not into any organized religion where one man is a mediator between another man and his Creator. Additionally, the Bible tells us not to call on the spirit of the dead, where in every part of the world this is done. It's commonly know as "the occult". It would include Vodou (Haiti), Wicca (Europe), Shamanism (Siberia), Obeah (Jamaica) and what have you. So being against the occult has nothing to do with any specific place on the planet. But that's not really the point. It's not really the point either, that the Movement of Rastafari has allways had strong opposers of the occult among the members. Although these points are actually quite relevant in many other aspects. The whole story can be found here. The point is, as you can see contiously when you look to the many postings in and from members of the "House of Fullfilled Rasta", that I expose Christafari. This, and appearantly my skin colour, is the only thing which the founder of the "House of Fullfilled Rasta" actually has against me. What conclusion should I make?

Now, in the reason debate about Irascom, as said I am being drawn into it repeatedly where I have said repeatedly (why) I do not want to participate in a reasoning within the Movement of Rastafari since I do not call myself a Rasta (out of respect, not because I think Rasta is evil). But, maybe because of lack of argumentation, it seems like the only thing which the "Fullfilled House of Rasta" can say to those who oppose Irascom is another insult towards me and a subsequent comparance of one who critisize Irascom with me.

Basically, they say: "When you are against Irascom, you are like Messian Dread who is against Christafari". 

When this all sounds complicated, please know that I myself find it rather complicated too. Apart from the fact that I am pretty upset over the racism and the hatret coming from a self proclaimed follower of Yesus Kristos, I had to dig very deep to find the answer to that one question: why am I being personally attacked for who I am because of what I do? Why are others personally attacked for who I am because of what they do? No, I didn't make a typo in that previous sentence.

I think, I found the answer a while ago. 

When I wrote my first book on Christafari, the Christafarians did exactly the same. 

They started to write about me rather then about the subjects I adressed. These subjects were called "superficial issues" and "negative". However, Christafari publicly said that "Rastafarianism" (as they call it) was incompatible with the true doctrines of Christianity when in private I had been speaking with Christafari's Mark Mohr and he admitted to know the truth. The truth being that there are many Christian within the Movement of Rastafari and therefore Rastafari is not incompatible with the true doctrines of Christianity... But he kept saying one thing in public and another in private. In public, he had to say these things about "Rastafarianism" as he got support from "Christians" who believed the statements and considered the word "Rastafarian" to be similar with "Non-Christians". So he didn't speak the truth because he loved his "missionairy image". 

It became clear how they were not founding themselves on the truth at all. The truth, in this case, was a "superficial issue in the public's eye" according to Mark Mohr. So "the public's eye" (as defined by Mohr, obviously) and the way they feel is the measure by which Christafari judges as to whether they should say a thing or not. Not whether something is true or not. For Mark admitted to me in private how he knew there are born again Christians within Rastafari but nevertheless claimed the opposite in his public statements. For at least seven years in a row, by the way. 

And so, I discovered how a love for the truth should be our motivation allways. The truth is a fact and the truth we must know. However, when you speak the truth, you will find the most bizarre alliances form against you. This is where our Lord and Saviour Yesus Kristos, the Truth Incarnate, warned us for. He said: "When they persecute you, know that they have persecuted Me before". So it's not really against you, it's against the truth.

The Apostle Paulus also warned us. "Because they love not the truth", he said, "Jah will give them over to a strong spirit of delusion that they might believe the lie and come not to repentance". 

Some of these delusions seem to be playing with the minds of certain ones who choose to attack my person because other people critisize yet another organization. When someone's person is attacked because this person says a thing, then you know that there is no love for the truth.

Now, why am I writing all of this? Isn't it all kind of "personal"?

Yes, as a matter of fact it is.

That's why I write this in my personal journal and not in no article. I know, that it's being read by those who should read it. 

Enough things are said, racism and hatret and all of that, for no other reason then that I expose Christafari. Even in a reasoning about Irascom on the messageboard of the "Fullfilled Rasta" whereby the "Chairman" of the Irascom organization told the story about some serious threats and violence which he had to face, accusing others of not hating me turned out to be more important for the "Fullfilled Rasta" members. For the subject turned into exactly that. In other words: it seemed like they didn't mind how people were threatened but they did mind how some people did not hate me. "Love", sure... But not without Unity, right? Otherwise it's so... "negative", right?

Being attacked for who you are, because of what you say (about Christafari).

Attacking others for who I am, because of what I say (about Christafari).

In the same time, going all over the Internet telling people to have spiritual "unity" regardless of their religion (de facto promoting the one world religion, obviously) and calling it "love". In the same time, speaking about "love and unity" but not even practicing it. That last thing shouldn't be too big of a surprise, either. For it's impossible to have unity with everyone. But yet it is possible to love everyone. And for those who think that love is the same as unity and that it's all to be recognized when it's "positive" meaning feel-good, there is no problem with these double standards. For they have made their own feelings to the canon or measure by which they measure. When something "feels good", then it's considered "love", and when everyone gives the other one a good feeling, then you have "unity". 

Yes, I think I found the answer to that mystery. The answer is a mystery. But that mystery is revealed in a revelation. A mystery whose very nature is to be "all things to all men". Who knows it, feels it. 

I hope, that the founder of the "House of the Fullfilled Rasta" will stop to attack me, to have, her word, "disdain" for me, for she doesn't only claim to be a Rasta, she also claims to be a follower of Yesus Kristos. She claims, as I claim, to have been born again through the Holy Spirit by the fullfilled work of Yesus Kristos on the cross, whereby He gave His Life for all of us who want to take freely from the water of life. 

I don't know why the founder of the "House of the Fullfilled Rasta" has such a strong support for Christafari and Mark Mohr. Maybe it's based on the measure of "positive and negative". And yes, take into consideration that Mark Mohr of Christafari's life motto seems to be "I am all things to all men" in other words "I will be who you want me to be". That's what he learned at BIOLA University where they admittedly "preach a different christ" and are strong supporters of George W. Bush, and that's what he learned at the "Sanctuary" Organization of one Bob Beeman, where "Christian Heavy Metal Worship Leaders" become self-professed satanists and blasphemers (see book "Mystery of Christafarianism" (PDF) for details). 

Sure, he can be a very nice and friendly man. But is that the measure as to how you judge someone's words? Ever heard of the word "temptation"? Does it feel good or bad, to be tempted? 

Paulus rebuked Peter. Yesus rebuked Peter. For what? For being "negative"? No, not at all. Peter was rebuked for not living up to the truth. And Peter listened. Not because "Paul was right", but because of the truth that Paul spoke. 

You see, it's about truth. Not about feeling good.

And when it's about truth, it doesn't really matter who the persons are. That only matters for those who judge other based on some self-defined emotional scale of "positive versus negative". But truth can come out of the ass of a donkey. And calling a donkey's ass for what it is, doesn't change the truth!

So call me a "donkey's ass" or "mess-i-am" or whatever "negative" word you will find to describe me. Express your personal hatret towards me, if you must and can not do it otherwize for it could be all you have. Blame others for not hating me, if you want a unity based on "disdain" and racism. But none of that will change the truth. And in the end, on that Final Day, when we are standing before that Throne of JAH, it's only the truth that remains. It can not be otherwise, it is not otherwise. 

I rather fear the One Who created me, then fear (wo)man and be scared of being labeled "negative" by people having a feel-good law which must be obeyed by all. I rather speak out against Christafarianism when I find out it's not the truth then to hold my mouth shut because Mark Mohr is such a friendly person. 

So I hope, that the "House of Fullfilled Rasta" will stop "supporting" Irascom by expressing personal hatret and racism to me because I expose Christafari. In the end, for Irascom, with such "friends" to support them, who needs enemies? But then, it would be interesting to see as to just how much Christafari support these signatures asked for at the Christafari Message Boards in order to get acceptance into the Irascom infrastructure actually symbolize in reality. Should an organization (cl)aiming to unify all Rastas be used as a platform to defend Christafarianism by using racist remarks? That is something to think about, especially since it is a factual situation. 

I also hope, that he founder of the "House of Fullfilled Rasta" will live up to her words about loving Yesus Kristos and being "Fullfilled Rasta", for it's rather impossible to love Yesus Kristos and be a "Fullfilled Rasta" and not love the truth. And you do not love the truth when you attack people for who they are because of what they say. It only shows you have nothing to answer about the actual things which matter but nevertheless still look for a way to shut someone down. 

But what use is there, in trying to shut me down? Will it change the truth? No. It might change the volume of the truth in your ears, though. For a short while. Because in the end, Truth is all that matters. Not how you feel today. For you feel different tommorrow, just like you felt different yesterday.

What I do want to say, lastly, is that I do not feel myself called to participate in the debate and reasoning in Rastafari about the Irascom Organization. Even on the Dubroom, I had Irascom asking me for my opinnion. So here it is. I know, that the Irascom is not directly responsible for the racism which is being put on my head, even though it is done on their messageboard by members who express total support to Irascom and Irascom themself seem to hold moderators responsible for things which participants say on messageboards. I know there is a difference between Irascom and the "House of Fullfilled Rasta", even though this house has been founded in order to go into the Irascom infrastructure and signatures to get there have been partially collected on the Christafari Message boards. 

But will this difference be clear to all? 

The "House of Fullfilled Rasta" claims to be a House for ones who follow Yesus Kristos. That goes further than Rasta. It reaches to the realms in which I want to call myself some thing, namely Messian (that means: Christian) Dread. So while I have no reason to say anything about Irascom, I have a reason to say something about those who claim to be my brethren and sistren in Yesus Kristos. 

And I do.

Sister Kaya of the House of Fullfilled Rasta, I know that you profess to be a Christian, in the sense that you claim to be born again and saved by the blood of the Divine Savious Yesus Kristos. This means, that when you have a genuine critique towards me, when there is something in which I do not follow the truth, you can allways correct me. But allways on the basis of truth, not on no personal hatret or "disdain" as you call it. I do not base my critique on Christafari on the idea how friendly he is. I judge his teachings and actions and fruits as the Good Lord Yesus Kristos instructed us all to do.

Love is happy with the truth, the Bible says. So anything which is aimed at hiding the truth, keeping people from speaking out the truth, can not be an act of love. And it isn't. Racism, since it is a lie, is also not a good motivation for a personal hatret, at least not when you claim to follow Yesus Kristos. Your many attempts to make me shut down about Christafari, your subsequent acts of hatrett and indeed "disdain" are based on your personal feelings towards other persons who you might like or not. But that, my dear sister, is not the measure as to how we have to judge whether someone should speak out or not.

I've had other fierce debates about Christafari. I've had years of fierce debates with a former moderator of the Christafari Message board, for example. I even quoted him in my books, saying things about him. He had more reason to be angry to me, then you, Sister Kaya. For I only respond in public when your insults go too far and only as a response where I adressed the other person by name without him actually mentioning me like you do. He truly had a reason to hate me, where i never did anything to do, other then critisizing Christafari which is not even critisizing you. Still, we have found a common ground. That ground is not the smiling face of Mark Mohr or whoever. That ground is called Yesus Kristos, the Rock Whom I stand on. He is the Truth, the Way and the Light. And it is because of that common ground, that we did find ourselves in a unity. I guess this is where you can start to make fuss and fight between us, as well. And then subsequently blaming me for being so "negative". But you can also choose to be happy with the truth.

And when the truth is that you are truly a follower of Yesus Kristos, live it up. We can come together on that basis. Love the truth and the truth shall set you free. No membership or no human approval of no kind wil ever set you free. Only the truth. The ultimate Truth: Yesus Kristos, Who Else?

One Love (not two),
Messian Dread (Dec 12, 2005)




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