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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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Update November 4, 2004

In the months before the major site update and the release of my essay, there wasn't much happening in the Dubroom Online and I feel like I owe all the visitors of the Dubroom an explanation for that. 

Especially the loyal visitors, some of whom I was even blessed to meet in person throughout the years.

This is probably the most intimate update I've ever written, but I owe it to you big time.

Not all the reasons why there wasn't so much updates are so intimate though.

Let me start by mentioning some of them.

I literally spend 100's of hours working on the major site update, the new look. And it's still not completely over although I guess 95% or so is finished. 

The Dubroom can now easily be expanded and edited, while it should be possible to browse from any page to any page in no more than three  or four clicks.

The big part of that work had to be done off-line, as it would complicate stuff for the visitors. Consider it like work-in-progress on a busy road. Everything done "live" should be as short and painless as possible for the people who are driving home or whatever.

Now, since august, September or so I was working on a Book about Christafari, which is now published. I am currently writing a follow-up too, by the way. I do not know when that will be published but it should be released before the end of this year.

The runnings I write about are either recent or current and I really don't want to reveal too much already for obvious reasons. Some developments are discussed here on the Dubroom Message Boards, though.

I also spent a lot of time off-line, doing performances and some other activities that had to do with direct help to other peoples.

I am also researching out a lot of things for a book I am writing on Babylon System. This book is not ready and will not be ready for quite a while, perhaps years. Some stuff is online, but behind a password protected area on the Dubroom Website.

Then I have a lot of correspondence with people, most of them quite deep and intense. You know who you are ;)

Fortunately, there are people helping me on- and offline with getting stuff done. A big up and the deepest Respect to all of them, even though most don't ever want to be mentioned. You know who you are too :)

I hope that the on- and offline activities are kind of getting synchronized now.

Now of course, as you can imagine, all these things are reasons why the website wasn't updated as frequently as I should. 

Now keep in mind it is always my aim to update the Dubroom main page 4 times a week minimally. So I am as frustrated as you that the site wasn't updated as much is it should be, to use an understatement.

There were too many things that had to be integrated, and potential new possibilities would have to be anticipated in setting everything up as well. 

On- and offline had to be synchronized. This process has almost taken a year and is still not completely finished.

I have 10's of hours of exclusive shows by various DJ's for Radio Dubroom. They are all recorded on location and will be processed in 2005. You'll love it when it's finished.

As I am currently setting up the studio again, pretty soon new radio shows will pop online too. Give me a few weeks. In the meantime I will I will re-run some of the best shows starting next week. I got plenty of them here.

Not only do you have a right to stay informed on these matters, I feel like I have an obligation keep you informed.

And I hope the situation is now created in which this can be done, too.

Now to the more personal aspects. Because all the things I mentioned above are well-known aspects of my works and activities as Messian Dread. 

But I am not "just" Messian Dread.

Of course, it is my artistic name, and the name of my identity as dreadlocked disciple of Yahoshuah ha Mashiach or Yesus Kristos. So I don't fake one inch. I am Messian Dread. 100%, in any way you can think of. If you talk to me, you talk to Messian Dread.

But not everyone who knows me calls me by that name. My father and mother didn't give me that name either, well actually they did but in a different way. The name they gave me wasn't Messian Dread.

Now, for my on- and offline activities as an artist and so on, in short for my work it's absolutely unnecessary for me to reveal everything about my private life. I feel no obligation to do so, and I'm not some kind of weird exhibitionist either.

In fact I need my privacy to be able to do what I am doing. 

So I won't go in to questions such as if I have a partner or not, all these things. Obviously.

But sometimes stuff that happens to me privately has an effect on my work. And that is an equally obvious fact.

There were several instances this year, in which it was very close to the Dubroom going off-line completely, or almost completely. Money, of course, was the reason.

This year I was in the deepest financial problems I have ever been in my life. 

I've spent months without water running from my tap. I couldn't pay the bill and I couldn't pay what they said I owed them. And I still don't know exactly what was the matter. 

There were other priorities. Such as feeding some people and keeping the website online.

Often I woke up without knowing how to feed the mouths (including my own) that night. Not to mention the daytime.


JAH has provided me and others with me with food and water every day, often miraculously.

During all of this, in April 2004 I got a possible explanation for some issues that were bothering me privately.

Well actually the explanation and the preceding questions weren't really the things that bothered me.

What bothered me more was the practical work out in my life. Not the positive aspects, such as my work and things. No, the more negative aspects.

The way certain things developed around me since I was a child. Things for which I was never given any explanation and yet had such an enormous influence on peoples lives, including my own.

I won't bore you with my life story, but I can tell you that if I had not my work, which everyone can see, I wouldn't have no work at all.

And if people are perhaps sometimes a little bit happy because I have explained something to them, I can also say that I had to learn very hard from a very young age what it is to be misunderstood.

So explaining has, sort of, been a way of life for me from ever since I can remember. 

Now that I am a bit older then a child, I know that this explaining is in fact translating my perception into language conceivable for another person.

What's the difference, you may ask.

That's what I thought as well, for many years. Until actually fairly recently.

I learned that I have to "translate" if it were, my language of thoughts into the language of others, and vice versa

This is not easy, especially when you keep in mind that this is the situation in which I find myself in during most communication.

I write far better than I converse. When I write I can "translate" deeper.

On the other hand, don't ask me to remember my song lyrics, but when there's some crucial music running the lyrics come instantly.

So when I am able to manage this process, such as in my work, this has enormous advances as it enables me to write, make music, put down a website and much more things.

And my work is my life.

My work is in the same time about all I can do. 

Therefore I put all of my heart and my soul in it, because it is the only way for me  to be able to pay my contribution to mankind and with that to my Creator, JAH.

It was not easy for me to put this update online, but as said, I owe it to everyone who follow the progression of my work.




Yesus Kristos


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