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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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December 18, 2004: Update

Three days ago I received an e-mail from someone who I know quite well and had had many contacts with, both personal as well as professional.

We've gone deep in many reasonings and we've learned tremendously from each other. We've talked about the deepest thing in our lives: our faith in the Head of Creation. JAH, the Almighty, whom we both know through Messiah Yahoshuah, Jesus Christ. 

We've meditated on many things, for many years. And now I got this e-mail. I had just spoken with him a day before so our surprise was in an equal way.



This Iah had been reading an article which contained a description of me. He asked me to confirm a certain quote given in the article. I couldn't give him the confirmation and send him the material where the alleged quote was taken from.

The article, of course, was the "Response Of Mark Mohr To The Essay". And the quote came from a correspondence I had with Mark Christafari concerning a book I published about his organization and teachings. Mark Mohr used this correspondence for his article which could better be called "Detective Mohr's Report of the Interrogation". Because it didn't contain one quote of the book and was completely based on the e-mails.

I'm not one who goes around sending other people's e-mails, but this dread alert broke that law.

I realized I was tricked by a trickstar.

Mark Christafari's article was based on material of which he knew could never be verified as it was a private correspondence.

Yet he presented it to his readers as a "Response to the essay". 

And he told lies.

You can fool some people some time, but not all the people all the time.

This Iah who wrote me the e-mail read a description of someone who he had never thought would say something like the "quote".

And so I send him the complete correspondence with Mark Mohr.

And I realized I couldn't keep doing that.

The publication of my book on this Televangelist with Dreadlocks has made additional research necessary and although I had read the "Response", I hadn't read it very deep.

I was going to spend a chapter in a follow-up book. But the book isn't finished because the research is so shocking we need confirmations from as many sides as possible.

In my writings of this book I hadn't reached the part in which I was going into it, and so it was on the big pile of other material which needs research but not publicly.

All of this in other works I have, such as studio works, organizing gigs, and much more.

In the meantime, the seed of the Response was starting to grow. Mark Mohr didn't want to quote from the essay he named his article after, didn't point out to the website where the essay could be downloaded and last but not least he managed to not mention my name even once. Instead he called me "my accuser", "my satan"...

But the Iah knew that it was about me and he just couldn't believe what he read. After reading the complete correspondence, he still doesn't believe what he read in the "Response".

But, as said, I couldn't do it. I did it this time because Mark Mohr was the writer of the e-mails I forwarded and given his "quotation" this was allowed.

This time only.

I never forward e-mails, unless they are for professional or publication purposes. I also share information with people whom I cooperate with in certain projects. This is completely normal.

There are also three little birds who sometimes drop something on my doorstep. They do it from as long as I'm publishing online.

In the case of the research on the Christafari Organization, it's obvious that this takes place. I have been receiving information about Christafari from concerned people who did not know what to do but providing me with this material. 

These e-mails are my personal reference. Whenever I doubt, I re-read them. 

But I would never publish them. Out of respect for the privacy of the people who sent them to me. 

Then there are the letters people send me with their stories. I never forward those.

So it is kind of my job to unveil what I know by means of publicly available material.

And that sometimes takes a while. Especially when you're trying to dig up material that others are desperately try to hide. But what is hidden in the dark will eventually come to light!

I knew that Mohr's "Response" was a fraud after I had scanned over it already. That is, because I know what I have here. I take it into the context of everything else to get the big picture.

However, this Iah had only read the "Response".

And because I was touched in my heart by the question of someone whom I greatly respect, I realized the trick.

Mohr's article was posted on his forum. It became a long thread of which the negative reactions are carefully deleted by someone who we think is more then personally related to Mark Mohr.

In this "environment of peace and safety" as they call it, Mark Mohr could easily respond to a private correspondence, and spin it into a spiritual character killing as if it was a well thought-out "rebuke". It was a confirmation of the spiritual public execution that his moderator had committed a few days before.

This doesn't hurt me at all. The idea that there are people who would publicly pray to see me in Satans hands for exposing their Televangelism doesn't motivate me to stop being the Yesus Dread JAH made me and become another reggae face on TBN.

Mark Mohr knows this. Or perhaps he has learned it because I never allowed him to teach me anything.

But he had made a clever use of his knowledge for sure, I'll give him that.

He knew I wasn't going to respond when he would attack my person. So he made a character killing to make sure messian dread was dead. 

Christafari's two gospels were then preached. With logic as "I'm just a Band with fans and admirers" he then went on a rant to explain in detail how he was NOT "just a Band with fans and admirers".

In his rant he suggested things from my correspondence which made the Iah send me that I-mail.

And so I realized that I had to write that chapter in my book and write it NOW.

It took me three times twenty four hours to complete my footnotes and upload the full text of his "Response". 

I have done nothing but reading, praying, meditating and writing. 

It's true that the person who wrote me the I-mail couldn't recognize me at all in Mohr's descriptions and I couldn't either.

Not that I care what Mark Mohr writes about me as a person. He calls me "ever enigmatic" and so he solves the enigma by killing it. I don't care, I don't run that race or fight that battle.

But in his report he exposed himself as a Televangelist with "dreadlocks" and a Reggae sound. 

Televangelists are masters in marketing. Some are in it stricktly for the cash and others are trained to believe they're doing something for "god" when they spread their babylon pro-pagan-da. 

Their message concerning getting to know Yesus might be right, because JAH simply doesn't allow everything to be corrupted, but for the rest they're keeping people asleep to the plans of Babylon System. 

Their main teaching however is that you have to "obey the government" all the time because they are "appointed" by "god". For that they make use of the corrupted translations and only when you check the original scriptures it becomes clear how JAH says to obey only HIM.

In short, they teach you to be a good babylonian and you pay them good money for it. And it's presented as "growing to be a stable Christian".

Anyway, since the article wasn't about me but about some phantasy figure, I decided to simply use his description of "me" to expose him as he was using every trick in the book of the Television Preachers and the rest of the "prominent" in the Christian Industry.

They all have a gap to fill in this space of emptiness called the Christian Industrial Complex.

Together they form one big gap themselves.

An emptiness that I would never be part of.

It was time to identify Christafari as the "Reggae Branch" of the mighty tree of the Christian Industrial Complex.

Not wait until the book was finished.

And so I did.

I would like to finish this update with a suggestion to consider and research.

True Christians should consider what they support. I suggest they no longer buy their music through lion of zion but instead directly from the artists. I also suggest that people who donate money to Christafari will give their money to an organization that doesn't have "plugging the gap in the Christian industry" as goal instead.

I suggest that true Christians who are in direct contact with Mark Mohr will tell him that he has to repent. Because he says he's "saving souls", and demands credit for it, but he's only riding along the bandwagons of true evangelical Christians and Rastafarians and I say so without apology.




Yesus Kristos


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