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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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When the Fox Preaches the Passion

Greetings in the Name of Jah!

In the midst of a current flood of new releases (there's a couple of new ones waiting), I thought it was good to write a little update.

I found out that I shouldn't really plan much in advance. Everything can happen, situations can change and situations can come into existance. Creativety goes it's own way too, and I can't really force myself into doing one thing when my soul screams out to do something else, simply because I made some plan.

The Internet is a dynamic realm. Time really goes like the speed of light. (I know that's where time supposed to stop scientifically). In the years that I publish and communicate in Cyberspace, I see myself guided by Jah into a situation in which I release music, write articles and books, do research projects for future publications and review various products.

Throughout these years, I have allways fought for and defended my independance as an artist and freethinker. This hasn't been easy allways, and I have also turned down some "opportunities" that could have given me material "niceness" if "only" I changed this-or-that.

But here I am, still there, and still not under a strangling contract that forces me to do stuff I don't want. I'm still free to speak my mind, still free to wake up in the morning and make a musical work, or write down a meditation, or other things i know myself to be guided into.

This is not something that is appriciloved by all. Take for example the Christafari organization, which I strongly critisize. Personally, I do believe that Jah Rastafari has given me the time and the possibilities to expose them. I believe He did that to provide me with the tools I need to do what JAH wants me to do. And I knew that by publishing my book in October 2004 I would throw myself into a stream of events that would cost me every strength in my spirit to stand.

Curses, abuses, insults, vanity, and most important: the statement that I am "subverse to the unity and no man is my brother" (to quote Bunny Wailer's track 'Liberation').

Again, I am not doing this alone. I wrote the book and I have a lot of sources, some of them have inside knowledge and others have tremendous research capabilities. But I take the flak and I write stuff. I can take it. There are those who told me that they could not have taken it. But it is also not me, but Jah Who protects me.

Protects? Yes. It has been very revealing, to see just which people choose to "defend" Christafari and which argumentation they have. In the end, this is the biggest confirmation for me that i am on to something here. One look at the Christafari defenders and you will see they do not defend the Christian faith. Vodou, Racism, Money-ism, these are the kind of things I see when I check the Christafari Defenders... They defend their own feeling of safety which is rocked by the exposure!

If I would have critisized a Christian Organization with a genuine Christian wish to see people get free in Yesus Kristos, I would have gotten completely different responses as the ones I get now. I wouldn't have critisized it either.

But I am not getting the Idea that Jah is trying to tell me to stop exposing abuse of His Name just because of the argumentation that I encountered. Argumentation that basically says: "Mark Mohr claims to be gods man and therefore he is gods man". Even people who have absolutely no idea where christafari stands for seem to consider themselves experts all of a sudden just because they see there's something going on that is not directly identifiable to them as "peace and love".

And that brings me to the title of this little update.

In defense of Christafari, there is a group of people who is trying to make me stop exposing this organization, and if that doesn't work, they try to discredit me. I will not name them all, but when you put the group together you will see a very interesting combination of people.

However, NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ever stood up against Christafari's continuous slandering of such people as Yabby You. None of them realized the backbiting against Mark Mohr's ex-wife which he brings as bible teachings on a CD you got to buy. That is not the kind of thing they will recognize as sinfull....

You will see some of them speaking about "unity and love" and all of that. Of course: "Mark Mohr's response to the essay" is the main inspiration for these "Christafari Defenders". Repeatly, mister Mohr told his audience how critique and everything was not "lovingly":

QUOTE: "They will know that we are Christians by our love, not our debates or senseless arguments over superficial issues in the public's eye." ORIGINAL URL.

You can simply see for yourself that the christafari Defenders are obeying their master when he wrote the above!

This quote is what I would describe as THE FOX PREACHING THE PASSION. I do not know if this saying is known in the english languages, but I think the message is clear anyway.

"Debates and senseless arguments over superficial issues in the public's eye" can be something different IN THE EYES OF JAH RASTAFARI.

Yesus said He did not come to bring unity. there is no unity between satan and Jah.

I don't think that Jah considers commercial abuse of His Name, preaching a different gospel and a different Christ as a "superficual issue". I do not think that Jah is against "debates" either.

That is why the fox preaches the passion. But while people parrot the fox, the fox in reality is eating the flesh of Jah's Creations.

Love is happy with the Truth, the bible teaches us. But there are those who do not want the truth. Because they have something to hide. For example that they abuse the Name of the Saviour to gain the whole world. And then, when someone who loves the truth exposes this, you see them trying to manipulate "christians" by saying: "Look, he exposes us, he does not serve looooooovvvvvvvveeee"....

But when the fox preaches the passion, you better beware.

When someone says the truth should not be told because it is a "superfical issue" and it's a "subervse for the unity", then the question should be raised: superficial for who, and unity of what?

It is situations like the above that makes me realize the enormous "strength" there is in being an independant freethinker. I never threw myself in the christian Industry, so now I can speak out. Unlike those who know themselves caught in this industry. And it makes me sad to see how they seem to believe the Kingdom of Yesus Kristos is an industry with products you sell....

One Love,
Messian Dread




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