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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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"Messian Dread, New Ager"?

In a reasoning concerning an open letter which I wrote to all Christian Reggae Artists, containing a clear warning for the parasite called CCM or Contemporary Christian Music, part of the Christian Industrial Complex, I was faced with a certain critique concerning my meditations.

The critique is serious, and I would like to adress it to the fullness. I thank the writer of the critique for adressing the issue, as it gives not only an opportunity for me to clarify myself on my position, it will also in my humble opinnion improve clarification on many other issues as well.

Below is the full posting, which can be found HERE.

Greetings once more!

MD, it is not my intention to discredit you, if you think that is the case. Simple fact is just that I don't agree with 1. your approach and 2. your message.

First of all, let's not pretent that the approach or attitude is unimportant to Jah. The bible has a lot to say about our attitude, about the way we should treat other people, and I think you know what it has to say. So appoach is not something unimportant.

Secondly, I don't agree with your message. So MM and others have a different view on christians that smoke marihuana. So what? A lot of people, christians, rasta's have different opinions on a lot of things. I don't consider that to be a problem. At least, as long as it is not about major things. To me this is not a major thing. I know I'm getting a bit off topic, but I will say it anyway. To me is more important that you have a philosophy that says that if someone is not against Jesus, he is for Him, and then reason on claiming that everybody who doesn't have a problem with Jesus is ok with Jah. Now that is a much more important issue than whether MM and others have different opinions on smoking ganja, or whether or whether not YY is gospelreggae. You see the speck of sawdust in your brothers eye, but do you see the plank in your own eye?

By the way, when I would be responsible for records that sell, I think I would do the same thing as MM, because I don't think it is a good example for the youth when artists smoke ganja.

Now about, I don't have any problem with this initiative. They are my brothers and sisters who make music with a biblical message. So what if that is called the christian industry? If I go to a christian bookstore where they sell good christian books, I don't care if that is called the christian industry or even CCB (contemperary christian books). I am a christian, they are christians, and yes, we may, as christians, have different opinions on different matters. Not a problem to me.

Again, if you want to be worried about things, be worried about your own philosophy which says that people in the end, don't really need the King of Kings to be saved in the Kingdom of Jah. Now is that not Babylon? Let's keep focused on the main things, not on details.

You say you would love to stand corrected, but is that really true? Can you still reason with me if I talk like this, or can I expect a dissing just as some time ago? I'm just saying things as I see them, and I'm not gonna be a hypocryte. This is how I see it, whether you like it or not..

Serious things indeed. As I allready said, I am gratefull for the opportunity to clarify myself on my meditations. I hope and pray, that all those that are genuine Truthseekers, Lovers of the Truth, will be blessed with an abundance of Light on a matter which some would rather keep in the dark.

Dear writer, I do not blame you personally for the accusations that you have put on me. Because I recognize the critique and I hope that I can lift your burden by showing you not only why the critique is wrong, I will also show you the source material which was abused in order to spread these lies about me.

JAH and a number of brothers and sisters are my witnesses in this matter. I am not afraid for any scrutiny on this matter, in fact I applaud it.

So let me adress these issues to the fullness.

There are two things going on here.

The first one is that for some people, the use of Ganja is a "major issue". We can find examples on this website in which it is clear how using Ganja makes certain Christians put an anathema or excommunication on other Christians.

The second one is, to use two quotes:

"you have a philosophy that says that if someone is not against Jesus, he is for Him, and then reason on claiming that everybody who doesn't have a problem with Jesus is ok with Jah."

"your own philosophy which says that people in the end, don't really need the King of Kings to be saved in the Kingdom of Jah."

Now this is a very serious accusation! It is a theological accusation, which if it were true would make me stand outside of True Christianity. However, if they turn out to be not true, then not correcting one's self from this accusation is a very serious expression of disdain for the truth.

This is about love. the Bible says, that Love is Happy With The Truth. So whatever the truth is, we should rejoice in it. Not trying to hide away the seriousness.

Now, the two quotes in my perception speak about the same thing, yet they are two entirely different things.

Do I say, that when you are not against Yesus Kristos, you are before Him? Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I do this, because the Bible quotes my Lord and Saviour Yesus Kristos, Who is the Only Way of Salvation, in this.

Question: Who are the group of people in Matthew 25 called the Righteous and who visited Yesus in jail, and gave Him food? They had obviously not accepted Yesus as their Lord and Saviour. But they were good to what Yesus calls "the Least of my Brethren".

If you treat a disciple of Kristos like dung, He will see it as being addressed to Him.

If you treat a disciple of Kristos good, like you visit him in jail, He will also see it as addressed to Him.

And that's why Yesus will tell them: Enter, for ye have given me food to eat.

Go ahead, pick up your Bible, Matthew 25.

People who say they worship Yesus and do it not, are what the Rastas call the Xians, the followers of the White Geezus.

These people know the Name of Yesus very well. they use it to make money. To gain popularity. Even to drive out demons and "save souls".

But by doing these thing in Yesus Name without committing JAH Work, they paint the white geezus in front of many people.

And some people look to Selassie because they only see a white geezus when they look to Christianity. I would blame Christianity more then any Rasta for this.

Yesus is the Only Way to JAH. This means, that YESUS KRISTOS holds the keys. It doesn't mean, that when someone never had the chance to get to know the Real Yesus (for example because all the so-called Christians around him worship the babylonian white geezus)  that this one will "go to hell".

It is up to HIM to decide who goes to heaven or not. Not to me or whoever else but YESUS KRISTOS, JAH!

And it is up to us to share our faith in Yesus Kristos with everyone who likes so. I never done anything else, I will never do anything else.

On my website, there's a link on almost every page that will lead you to a page which describes the Gospel of Yesus Kristos in clear and plain terms.

On this forum I have written 100's of pages in public communications in which I time and time again point out to the Gospel of Yesus Kristos. For example, this very interesting debate in which I am very clear about my believe.

So how come, that one thinks that my "philosophy which says that people in the end, don't really need the King of Kings to be saved in the Kingdom of Jah."?

Why would someone thinks such a thing about my message where I scream it from the rooftops so to speak, that we are all in need for Yesus Kristos the One and Only Way to the Father?

This can only be, because such a person is disinformed.

And so he is. Seriously disinformed.

What is the root of this disinformation? What is the source? Have I been accused more often in this manner?

As a matter of fact, I have. It was in a publication about me, even though the complete article didn't mention my name. The writer of the article had other names for me, in order not to drive people to my website where they could find out for themselves how he was spreading false witness about me.

This article was called "Mark Mohr's Response To The Essay".

This article suggested to be a response to some essay, but in reality it wasn't what the title suggested. It was a resonse to a correspondence that this person Mark Mohr had with me. An e-mail correspondence, which cannot be publicly verified even though it will shortly after the publication of this article be put online for verification. For more information about this correspondence, see this link.

The accusation that was written in this article which I just mentioned, was one of "Universalism". A claim was made how I was saying that even a Buddhist would be saved when he would "not be against Yesus". However, this is not what I say. Even in the correspondence that the writer Mark Mohr refers to, I made this very clear but he choose to ignore it...

So, I hope that the concern which was expressed in the letter which I quoted in the start of this article is taken away.

In anyway, it is clear that those who claim that I am a New Ager or a Universalist have absolutely no documentation to back up their claims where evidence of the obvious truth that I believe in Yesus Kristos The Only Way To Salvation is abundant.

Those who accuse me of denying that Yesus Kristos is the Only Way to Salvation are either disinformed, as I believe the writer of the letter which I quoted is, or they are consciously spreading false witness.

And yes, the writer of "Mark Mohr's Response To The Essay", is spreading false witness. Not only about me, but also about the correspondence which he claims to refer to.

I am awaiting replies.

One Love,
Messian Dread




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