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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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In this meditation I want to share my thoughts about Christianity's view on Rastafari. Over the years that the Itations that you are reading now are online, I've encountered everything, from Rastafarians calling me a "wolf in sheep's dreads" to Christians warning me not to "participate with idol worship". I don't know which judgement I dislike most, but this meditation is especially written for my Brethren and Sistren in Christ, my fellow Christians, who might consider me to be on a straying path when it comes to my reasonings concerning Rastafari.

Sometimes I get responses from concerned Christians, sometimes even angry ones, about my meditations. Basically it boils down to one point, the person of Haile Selassie. Apparently, some Christians go so far, that even positive words, even attempts to comprehend the spiritual significance of Haile Selassie, become reasons to judge me. These judgements can go very far. From my side, I notice that many of these people have taken the trouble to mail me, but not to study my meditations. Is mentioning ignorance in this matter just? For some it seems like everything reasoned about Selassie, other than "He's not God" is reason to doubt my faith. Could it be, because I strongly criticize Christianity? I think that I have every right to do so, being the Messian (Christian) Dread that I am. I consider myself part of Christianity. But it sometimes seems like mainstream Christianity's view on Rastafari is one of total rejection: the Rastaman is portrayed as an immoral drug addict, and after all, who wants to listen to an immoral drug addict? I know, I'm being sarcastic here, but only to make my point. And to express my dissatisfaction with the point of view.

Let me mention an example of what I mean: I have heard of Christian people saying that the "whole Afrikans in bondage in babylon thing" is nothing but claiming something that wasn't there, and also, wasn't it written in scripture that when there are those claiming to be Jews where they were not Jews, this shouldn't be taken so lightly?

But first of all: that scripture does not deal with people directly because they claim to be Jews, because then we could say this of all Jews who do not accept Jah according to the apostle Paulus. One could also argue, that Christianity is in fact "fulfilled Judaism". The scripture Rev 3:9 which we saw earlier, deals with people who were worshipping satan, that dragon formerly known as lucifer. They gathered in the "synagogue of satan".

There is an article by an organization called Watchman which I otherwise know to be a good source for information when it comes to cults and sects and groups. They have an article about "Rastafarianism" (sic) in which they claim Rastafari to be racialist. Ignorance? How come, if so? When it comes to Rastafari Christians become strange.

Strange: for years mainstream Christianity has been claiming the promises that Jah Jah gave the Jews, because they were "spiritual Israel". In spite of the fact that Israel is moving back to the Holy Land known as the Official State of Israel, until this present day this is theology in many denominations still.

Let's bring in something else, too, before I come back to this point. Stuff done in the name of Christianity. Stuff that makes Rastafari doubt the genuinity of Christianity. And it would be so wise for Christians to consider these things before they pass judgements on the Rastaman. I am truly happy with the particular movement within Christianity, that is working towards reconciliation and confessions of sins done in the Name of Yeshua. What I'm about to show you, is in no way a thing from mainstream Christianity (anymore). Still it is done in the name of the god of the slave master that has been used so many times to keep slaves down. And the god of the slavemaster has been given the same Name as the Divine Saviour. Click at the picture below, to see what so called "good Christian folks" do with black people. Your browser will open in a new window and you will see the picture. IT IS SHOCKING so do PLEASE not view this where there are little children.

Watch This But Not With Children In The Room

Although this is an old picture, "good white Christian folks" are still killing black people in this time, and they think it is a good thing, a good Christian thing, to do. It is within this context that the movement of Rastafari came to existence, let us never forget that. "Jesus" has been portrayed by the babylonians as the god of the system. "Jesus" has been used, as justification for some of the most terrible actions in modern history. And although this is often wiped away as history, the echo's go on until this day. I strongly believe that if mainstream Christianity had obeyed the teachings of Yeshua, and had set the captives free instead of enslaving them, there wouldn't now be a movement believing Selassie to be the returned Saviour. It is the result of centuries of theological justified slavery and discrimination. And all these things should be considered.

I am happy that the average Rastaman is perfectly able to discern the wickedness done in the Name of the Saviour from the Most High Himself. This is what I have been taught by Rastafarians: that black people were taken to babylon for their own sins, and that after 400 years the time has come for the children of Africa to return to their homeland

Now, is it not so, that for those people who have been in slavery and exile for so long, it is obvious and overstandable to call Ethiopia Zion? There are even scriptures which compare Ethiopians (Black Afrikans) and the children of Israel. This close relationship is also symbolized in the marriage of Moses, the first Israeli Leader, with an Afrikan Princess. Is it not so, that in a country where a descendant of David rules, as an Icon of Christ, it is tempting to call that Zion? Or Kingdom of God?

But there is even something much more important to be seen, when dealing with this subject. There is a clear similarity to see between the exile of the children of Israel and the children of Ethiopia to babylon. They were both in exile in babylon, in the babylon of their times. The Jews were held captive in what is now known as Iraq, the Afrikans are hold in the Western World, modern day babylon. And this babylon today is very brutal. Ofcourse: it is the final babylon! But it is also a babylon which in name is "Christian". And that is a bigger difference than the geographical location: the religion of the ancient babylon was polytheist, in name today babylon is worshipping the Creator through Christ. The good seed and the bad seed have been growing up together, now there is not so much difference to be seen at the surface. Babylon has infiltrated Christianity, and now a babylonian Christianity is ruling babylon.

I have always been protesting against the idea, that "the western world" has a Christian Culture. The western world is babylon, and babylon is not a Christian although many babylonians are. But true Christians have always been persecuted from the first day of their existence. Reading of the Bible? Forbidden for centuries for the average person. Materialism and atheism have come into place of a corrupted caricature of true Christianity in blinding the people, and now, when people can speak their mind and believe what they want, who needs a Saviour? In a system that calls itself "Christian", Christians are considered a group of clowns! A thing to consider for the Christian and the Rastaman.

It may be true, that Ethiopia is not Zion in the sense that it is not the home of the Jews, and it is not Heaven, but it is also not so, that Afrika is that heathen continent of which you hear Christians speaking. Christianity has been spread to Afrika way before it was spread to Europe. Afrika, Ethiopia has been a part of the land of Eden. And what about Beta Israel? Is it not significant that it is almost certain that the Arc of the Covenant is present in Ethiopia? And that a descendant of King David was until recently still sitting upon his throne, Haile Selassie there? I think that Ethiopia is the keeper of the throne of King David and the keeper of the Arc of the Covenant, until the final days come, in which the temple will be rebuild in Jerusalem and the Armageddon starts to take place. We already see in this times that we are coming to a point in which the Lord Iesous will return to another part of Africa, Jerusalem. But before that,. before He will take His place as rightful Ruler, on the throne, there will be the last days of babylon.

All of us in babylon, whether we are Afrikan or not, we have to deal with Christian babylon. Babylon is here and her magic is enchanting everybody. When you are conscious, when you claim to follow Jah, let go the judging at Rastafarians, or at Conscious Christians. We need each other. The time will soon come in which Jah Word cannot be spread freely anymore, so let us fight babylon, satan and wickedness in the Name of Yeshouah.




Yesus Kristos


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