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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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"Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who has revealed Himself in this time in the personality of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie....."

This is the official greetings of the Rastafarian Organization 12 tribes of Israel, the biggest congregations of Rastafarians with centers around the world. The founder and leader of the movement has been interviewed by Jamaican Radiostation IRIE FM. This article is a meditation about the utterances by Vernon Carrington, the Prophet Gad!

NO, there is no official website of the 12 tribes of Israel. The only link I came across during my surfing sessions hunting for new links, was a dead one. I personally could never get any publication by the group. The only things I knew, I knew from books. Until I came across the interview. Some brother sended me a tape and for the first time in my life I could hear the voice of Vernon Carrington, better known as THE PROPHET GAD from the 12 tribes of Israel. I rejoiced to find out, that I was not the only one having the believe Selassie is an Ikon of Jah, but not Jah Himself. I felt like a fool, thirsty in the abundance of water. Oh yes, I knew it's a controversy, the person of Haile Selassie, as I can witness that some Rastas and some (other) Christians give I tribulation because of my meditations. Sometimes I felt alone. And then Jah says: You are not the only one! I raised my head up high, and wrote down my thoughts. I am not alone in this struggle, I am in good company. The company of the founder and leader of the twelve tribes of Israel, the prophet Gad.

No brainwash education

As a true Rastafarian group, there is no doctrine pushed upon the members, they are encouraged to find out things for themselves. This has to be done by reading the bible "a chapter a day". So it can be, that some members of the 12 tribes say a different thing than their leader. Until recently it was very hard to get ahold of some of the prophet's teachings. But the prophet Gad, the leader and founder of the organization, was interviewed recently on the Jamaican Radiostation Irie FM. The interview has been transcribed and placed on the Internet, liberating readers like me from the unrealized bondage of ignorance . It is always said, that the prophet believes and teaches, that Haile Selassie is Jesus Christ. Well, this is not the case. He is saying, that Christ is coming to sit upon the throne, he literally "makes a different definition", when it comes to Selassie and Jesus Messiah. It is true, that the King radiates Christ, but he is not Christ. Well, this was a remarkable discovery when I listened to the interview, and spoken with some members of the 12 tribes. No, this is not a recent change of doctrine, I am assured. The prophet has always said this.

Close connection with Rastafari

With members of the Ethiopian Royal Family in the 12 tribe congregation, and with the teachings of their leader prophet Gad more or less the same as the Ethiopian Orthodox when it comes to Selassie, I find it remarkable that the closer we get to the person of Rastafari (family, his church, etc), the more people assure us that he was an Ikon of Christ, but not Jah or Christ Himself. When you come as closest to HIM as you possibly can, namely to HIM personally, you hear: "I am a man, and man can not worship man." How different this was with those who knew Jesus close: they were all convinced He was God! It is true that we have a lot of members in both the EOC (Ethiopian Orthodox Church) as the TTI (12 Tribes) who still believe that Selassie is God, this is because the 12 tribes members are encouraged to think for themselves, the prophet's teachings are not forced like brainwash education.

Spreading the vibe

How come that so many people just do not know of these teachings? How come many people don't know, that there are actually a lot of Rastafarian Elders, who do not believe Selassie to be the returned Messiah? How can it be, that there is so much false rumor circulating about the doctrines of the prophet Gad? For example, in the world-famous book Reggae International, it is written that the TTI teach Selassie is Jesus. So then, this is not the case and has never been the case. How come? There must be some strong power, that tries to withhold the truth from coming out. The truth that a lot of Rastafarians know as a fact that Selassie is not Jesus Christ, but he clearly is an Ikon of Jah Messiah, might be an offense for some, but it is not a sin. Even stronger: the truth shall set you free! It is time, that this message spreads across Cyberspace and the (rest of the) real world.

The opposition

That the TTI have a different definition, is clear to see in the fact that they are not invited in the talks that are organized by another Rastafarian Organization, the relatively young Rastafarian Unification Organization. A group that is committed to the unification of all Rastafarians but they exclude the biggest! That is a remarkable fact..... According to the prophet Gad there has never been an initiative from the side of the RUO to have the TTI participate, although Gad is very willing to help. His leading capacities, his connections with the Ethiopian Royal Family, all these things apparently do not matter. Only once were the 12 Tribes invited to help with a school, but that's it. He does not have an explanation for this exclusion, but I think that for some people it seems to be that only those people who believe that Rastafari is Jesus Christ are Rastafarians. And they want to do anything they can to keep it that way. Unfortunately the tribal war has not ended....

Bun the Bible?

The prophet is asked what he thinks of all those people who say the Bible is not reliable, people who say: "bun the bible". He answers that there are a lot of people that are cursing over the things of Jah. Cursing God, cursing the King. Gadman doesn't really respond to it, he only says, that there are always people who reject Jah and His Word, but that there are also people who accept and give thanks for them. A very good attitude, why waste your time in reasoning with people who are only trying to bring you down? There are nuff people who do want to know what Jah says.

Locks and food

The prophet is asked about dreadlocks, and diet. He makes mention of the fact, that scripture is not saying that we are saved by our hair, or by what we eat. We are saved by grace alone, through the blood of Christ. This is what the prophet is saying. It is also remarkable, that he as a Rastafarian leader does not wear dreadlocks himself. He does encourage however, that people do wear them. In this thing, he is following the Scriptural way. The prophet says we have to find out if the things he says are correct by reading the bible a chapter a day. He is following the Bible himself. And he is following Haile Selassie, who has said that he was saved by the Blood of Christ, and not by his own character. A true Rastafarian follows Rastafari. A dreadlock is wearing the mark of the Nazarite, of the special livicated to Jah. What one eats or not eats, is a matter of the heart, not of doctrine. The prophet knows and practices the words of Jah, not to become like the Pharisees who say don't eat this, don't eat that.


The interview, which I was blessed to transcribe for publication on the Internet, has been quoted in one of the most blessed books that is available on this subject, a book called DREAD JESUS which is documenting the current Messianic movement within Rastafari. This fact alone shows you the significance of the interview. I thank God for enlightening Gadman that Selassie and Christ are not the same person, and that Selassie is not a part of the Divine Trinity, although he is a descendant of David and annointed by Jah like all kings.




Yesus Kristos


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