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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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Because we live in a world full of injustice, it is obvious that a wize man could help us out, by his guidance we could evolve ourselves, transform ourselves to a new age of happiness, love and peace. Now, since the mid 70's from the 20th century, the master of the masters came from his seat in the mystic mountains of the Himalayas to live among the people. He is known as the Maitreya to the buddhist people, Iman Mahdi to the Muslims, Messiah to the Jews, and Iesous to the christians. At the same time the start signal was given to unveil the secrets of many occult orders and society's which we now came to know as the New Age Movement. Messian Dread's comments at the message of Maitreya and the New Age Movement......

The Master of Masters

The master of the masters, the leader of what is known as the great white brotherhood. Does this sound familiar to you? Or doesn't it? Let me help you. We have to get back to the previous century, to the country of India. In that time and place we have a woman called Mme. Blavatsky. She wrote a book called "The secret doctrine". This book was to become the foundation of that movement that tells us every time that we are at the dawn of a new age: the New Age Movement. Blavatsky wrote about a hierarchy of masters, spiritual beings. Among them: Iesous the Christ, Krishna and other gods. This same group has a leader. Maitreya, as his herald Benjamin Creme calls him, has left his mystical place to live among the people. Pretty soon he will be revealed to the whole world.

Expected by many, known to a few

Thusfar, nothing new under the sun. Benjamin Creme is announcing the revelation of his MAITREYA for a long time now. There have been several occasions in which he has announced the revelation at a certain time, date or hour. It was clear from the start, Benjamin Creme was the chosen one to announce the coming of the leader of the great white brotherhood as it is called by people like Mme Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. All people in the NAM expect this leader. This leader will be their guide into the New Age. They say, all religious people all over the world expect him: christians expect Iesous, Muslims the Iman Mahdi, Hindus Krishna and Buddhists the Maitreya. That he is the returned Iesous is proven by the fact that he came "as a thief in the night", as it is written in the bible: nobody knows his dwelling place, only that he serves as a spokesman for the Pakistani Community in London. That is to be the prophecy fulfilled that He would come as a thief in the night, if we are to believe Benjamin Creme and his people of the New Age Movement.

Iesous is Iesious is not Iesous

Maitreya has been spotted on several occasions, where he seems to appear out of nowhere to groups of people. He has been photographed when he visited a group of people in Kenya, Africa. The photograph at the top of this article has been taken there. Don't be fooled, you can not start a search operation for this man, because Maitreya has been videotaped as he has been playing the guitar in New York. He looks like a black man over there. So the same man, different appearances. The reason why he appeared to the people in Kenya the way he did, was because they had to believe he was Iesous. Ofcourse he was not Iesous, for he is Iesous' master (according to the NAM) but he appears to people pretending to be Iesous Kristos where he admits at other places that he is not.

You do not believe me? Go ahead, and check it out for yourself: they have a website from which you can easily pick all this information. I even have a little game for you: find the sentence where they write that the two world wars were "purifications" and remember that that was the reason Shitler and Mussolini killed the people: purification of the aryan race. So go ahead, check it out, and then please return to read the rest of this article. CLICK HERE for the english version, KLIK HIER voor de nederlandse website van Maitreya.

The Message of Maitreya and his NAM

Now what is the man saying? The organization of Benjamin Creme is called Share International. And that is the message, at least appears to be when you give a first sight. The rich have to share with the poor. Now, is that not a thing which we are all longing for? Well, Maitreya is going to make sure that we are all going to do that. It is a part of the message of the NAM: share, don't take more than you need. This is why so many people believe that Maitreya is a good man. Jews will believe he is Messiah, Christians will believe that he is Iesous, Rastas will believe he is Haile Selassie. It will all come, for the people of the NAM this is a fact, for I and I this is also a fact because we know prophecy and scripture of JAH! New Agers are sure of this all because we're at the dawning of a New Age, the astrological era of the Water-man or Aquarius. New Age is also a strong and upcoming force within reggae, but also within the movement of Rastafari. A Dutch ganja magazine has a column by a new age rasta. The hunger for righteousness is so big among the people that the NAM finds perfect soil for their message. They say that all religions basically preach the same, and that all believers are in fact expecting the same man: Maitreya. We expect the King of kings to come, Iesous Kristos the Lion of Judah and now we must believe this Maitreya man to be Him, the Maitreya, who even says himself he is not the One Rastafari told us to expect!

The Imposter

Jah warns us that there will be, in the last years of babylon, the revelation of a leader who will seduce all people. But he can only be revealed when "He that witholdeth" is taken away. Maitreya wants to reveal himself with so much pleasure, but something or someone is holding him from revealing himself. Maitreya, of whom it is said by Benjamin Creme, that he is not Christ, but Christ's Master. Maitreya who pretends to be Iesous Kristos when he appears to a group of people who attended a meeting held by an occultic (duppy) spiritual healeress. And that is what they say on their own website. Let's take a closer look: Maitreya is the head of Iesous Kristos, Iman Mahdi, Krishna, Mohammed and a lot more "masters". The one that the Buddhists expect is...... Maitreya. Buddha means: "Light Carrier". Shall I give you the same name in another language? Lucifer: the same meaning: "Light Carrier". We are warned by Jah not to follow someone pretending to be Him, not to follow the devil Lucifer who comes as an angel of light. Maitreya may come with a good message, but his intentions are wrong. Why should someone has to lie and cheat and pretend to christians to be Christ?

He is what you want him to be

He appears to people in the way that they expect him to appear. Can you see the similarity with those philosophies saying there are more truths? For a Christian, this MAITREYA may appear as Iesous in his visions. For a Muslim he might appear as Mohammed or Allah. He appears as, imposes to be the One we worship, and his words will be sweeter than honey. Just like he knows I and I want out of babylon, the way to transform babylon into something very nice and thing. So we need a lot of discernment in this time. Discernment we can only get from the Source or Truth and Right, JAH Almighty. We get discernment when we root ourselves strongly in Scriptures.

Trusting an imposter

Can we trust someone who admits that he is an imposter? That he appears as Iesous Kristos, being not Him? Not seeing anything wrong with that? No we can not. Jah says that satan Lucifer is the father of lies. Jah says, that He can not lie. If there would be something like a "Master of Iesous Kristos" he would never impose to be Him. We must not only listen to the message, we must also check back with scriptures.

A deceitful way ends in destruction

Beware, oh children of the Most High JAH! The time will come in which I and I will be persecuted from pole to pole, no rest will be there for those who refuse to take the NEW AGE MARK OF THE BEAST! All these people who will fall into the temptations of Maitreya the ANTIchrist, will realize they have been fooled. All that sweet talk you hear from the New Age Movement about the Unification of all religions and nations, what purpose you think it serves? They are preparing the world so the world will gladfully and gratefully accept this coming strong "teacher" or "leader". One head of NATO in Brussels, Belgium has supposedly said that the world really needs a strong leader, and that even if he were the devil himself, he would gladfully accept him..... Scripture warns us for a coming man, one man with many ikons coming before him (Mussolini) point to his coming, who will come as a tempter and a leader: the anti-Christ. When he would come revealing who he really is, no one would follow him. Would you follower a murderer, a thief, a liar, a rapist, someone 666 times as worse as Shitler? No you would not. This coming anti-Christ must hide himsellf under the cover of a social and peaceful man: the Maitreya, the angel of "light".

Brave New Age

Earlier in this article I have written about Alice Bailey. She functioned as a channel, a medium for a demon or duppy calling himself Dwahl Kuhl, the Tibetan. These books are published by the Lucis Trust Company, formerly known as Lucifer Trust Company. Alice Bailey was a disciple of Mme Blavatsky. Her books contain several blueprints for how it will be in the new age, when the Maitreya has taken over. One of the things is that Dwahl Kuhl gives 1977, when the two sevens clash, or 1978 as the time in which a lot of secrets were allowed to be unveiled. Babylon was just getting used to materialism, atheism and cold war. From that time on the New Age Movement came on strong. Now it is an established pillar of babylon. It is a strange movement indeed: no central authority, but evidently guarded and guided by leading figures. People within the movement receive revelations, the same messages to different people on places all over the world. Every religion has it's "new age branch", these branches work together to form so called "prayer-groups" where each one prays to his own god, who in the end is the same anyway according to the NAM. Little by little, and step by step they are preparing the world for the New Age. The movement is under the leadership of spiritual beings, that identify themselves as the Masters, or the Great White Brotherhood, or the Hierarchy. They are imposters, because they are fallen angels, spiritual servants of the devil. How can they serve the God of Truth if they do not care in imposing to be Christ? And now their leader is here among us, just waiting until he that widthholdeth, has left........




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