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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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Within the movement of Rastafari, as one knows, there are several if not numerous different houses. To name a few, we have the 12 Tribes Rasta, we have the bobo Dread, Nyabinghy, Orthodox, Jesus Dread, et cetera. Now that I have shared some meditations about the things that divide, now I would like to meditate about one of the things that bind together. And that "thing" is RASTAFARI, HAILE SELASSIE I, CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH! I and I Messian Dread do not believe Selassie is Christ, but I follow Rastafari in my ways and meditation. In this article I witness about the way I see the spiritual richness and importance of the Negus, Rastafari.

The fact, that I personally do not believe that Selassie is Jah, does not imply, that I do not see any spiritual significance within HIM. HIM not being Jah is not a central point in my concepts, as I tend to focus on who Selassie is rather than who Selassie is not. As my locks grow longer and my faith gets stronger, I can only witness and say that my love for His Majesty has increased over the years. I really love King Selassie in a growing degree because I see more and more things about HIM that teach I about Jah. Surely, the personality of His Imperial Majesty reveals the Savior, as my brethren and sistren in the 12 Tribes of Israel greet eachother. It is fascinating and thrilling to realize we are living in the last days of babylon and Jah gives signs, warnings and hopeful messages to those who want to see. And Haile Selassie is used in a special way by Jah to teach us truth and right. Haile Selassie (Power of the Trinity) was the 225th in a direct bloodline of Ethiopian monarchs, Menelik being the first. Menelik was a son of Queen Sheba and King Solomon, the legendary son of David, king of Israel. Though questioned by mainstream christianity in babylon, I hold this for a fact. The christian mainstream has an eye-focus on babylon only because they do not even come to the thought maybe Jah does not abide by their white race perspectives. For mainstream christianity there simply does not consist anything right outside their own white/Euro-American schemes and concepts. For centuries it has been the white christian establishment closely working together with babylon's leaders to collectively downpress the people. You can not really call that christianity a worship of Jah, so it is a dead believe, resulting in corruption, wickedness and immorality as you can see today taking place in these so called christian nations. Should I believe them when it comes to His Majesty? Where it is clear that they don't want to have an open eye for the first christian nation on earth? I hope this article will work as an eye opener for my evangelical brethren and sistren. The fact I do not believe Rastafari is Jah, does not in any way imply that I embrace this white christianity. How can I deny His Majesty? His ways are truth and right! His teachings are the teachings of a devout Christian. When people tell me that Selassie is not of Solomonic Bloodline and it is clear that they follow a doctrine where there is no room for Ethiopia I will not follow them in that matter.

No, I can not empirically prove this bloodline to you, I can only give you my reasoning. If the Ethiopian monarchs are of Solomonic Bloodline then that must show in the country. These signs I see indeed. I see a nation literally covered in biblical symbols. The churches in Ethiopia are build after the example of the Jah Temple in Jerusalem. They all have a replica of the Jewish Arc of the Covenant, and the original is supposedly present in the city of Aksum. The close relationship is also beautifully and symbolically presented in the Bible where you read that Moses who guided the children of Israel out of Egypt was married to Mirjam, an Ethiopian woman. Ethiopia is the first christian nation on earth. Years before it was spread in Europe, Ethiopians already had a form of worship to Jah through the Mediation of Iesous Kristos the Messiah. This is biblical knowledge for the Ethiopian diplomat who was on his way back from Jerusalem to Ethiopia (Acts 3) was converted and baptized, spread the gospel in his own country years earlier than Paulus heading for Europe. Ethiopia was a part of the Garden of Eden, where the first man was planted, the first country outside Israel to have a form of christianity is Ethiopia, perhaps the first country because in Israel the first christians were really downpressed. We see lost tribes coming from Ethiopia where the Jews have been living as a part of the nation. All these things together for I show, that also the Solomonic Bloodline is true. Only when a nation's king is of that bloodline, one sees so many biblical and empirical signs of Jah Worship.

What is so important in (acknowledging) that bloodline? I have read christian publications regarding the movement of Rastafari that quote the scriptures where Paulus warns the people not to build their faith upon "endless genealogies". True, if your foundation is a bloodline, you have a weak foundation. You can not hold someone divine (that is: being either the Father, the Son or the Spirit ) just because he is of Solomonic Bloodline. Nowhere in scriptures you see an indication that the Monarchs of Israel were worshipped as being God. But we do not speak about building faith upon endless genealogies just because we make a mention of it. Also those that believe in Selassie's divinity do not base this solely of the Emperor's bloodline. The New Testament opens up with a genealogy, so surely it is not unimportant to take a look at a bloodline and draw spiritual conclusions from that. For example: don't you think there is a spiritual lesson to be learned in the fact that among the bloodline of Jesus Christ a prostitute is mentioned? When a bloodline is mentioned then it is of significance. Haile Selassie was as a Jah Servant with Jewish Royal Blood thus sitting upon a throne of David. As all Davidic kings (oughted to) know, they were part of a lineage that would result in the physical Reignship of Jah the Most High on "their" throne, when Christ returns in Jerusalem. This fact made them living Icons of Christ in His Kingly Character. What I mean with that? The monarchs that sit upon a Davidic throne are symbolical references to the Final King, Omega, Jesus Christ. That is why the throne is there. Look at it as a way from Kingston to St. Ann's, on the road you see signs pointing you to the goal. So the kings are signs, the bloodline is the road, the goal is the Reignship of Jah on earth.

When I tell you, that Jah is your father, I do this, to give you an idea about the character of Jah. The concept "Father" by far is not enough to describe the relationship of Jah with his children, but it describes a certain aspect of the Most High. Now, when you hear "Father", what do you think? You look in your area for a father. You see a father and you think:"Ah, that is what a father means". Now, ofcourse, this is a simple thing, but the same principle works with Haile Selassie. In the Apocalypse, where John sees visions of the final downstruction of babylon, in chapter 5 the Savior is presented as "the Lion of Judah". Now, when you see this term, "Lion of Judah", you do the same thing. You ask yourself: "what is a lion of Judah". When you look closely you will find in Ethiopia, where kings of the Solomonic bloodline were called "Lion of Judah" even before Christ! As far as I know there is no other place on the earth where there is a mention of "Lion of Judah" apart from Ethiopia. It is a specific title for an Ethiopian king. Take for example the word "president". Suppose that you read in the bible Jah describing Himself as the "President". You would have Bill Clinton in your mind, and you would know what it means. Now, fortunately Jah does not compare Himself with the "President" but with the Ethiopian King. Because He presents Himself as Lion of Judah. He says: when you want to know Who I am, you will learn a great deal when you examine the Ethiopian King. Because of the Euro-centered way of thinking of so many eschatologists, tragically this (as well as many more things) has been overlooked. I see the fact that Jesus Christ presents Himself as Lion of Judah in a context where there is a mention of who is the rightful ruler of the earth, as a message from Jah to look to Ethiopia's Lion of Judah to learn what it will be, when earth's rightful Ruler will finally sit upon the throne of David, which has been kept warm for Him partly in....... Ethiopia!

Thusfar I have given various reasons why Selassie is more than just a king in just a country. I have shared the vision that he is an Icon of Christ, a living representation of the government system that will function under Jah's rule at his return in Jerusalem. Now I would like to share with you ten specific lessons that I think there is to be learned from the personality of Haile Selassie, because it is not enough to say Selassie serves as a lesson in Theocracy, I must also prove this. 

Lesson 1 

The fact that Haile Selassie ordered to have a bible translation made that was written in ordinary Ethiopian language, teaches us that in the Kingdom of Jah we are all responsible for ourselves. We can not depend on others to fully overstand the written word of God, we must always be able to check things out for ourselves in scripture. This is the same principle that is used by the Prophet Gad: "Check it for yourself, if it is true what I say, read the bible a chapter a day". 

Lesson 2 

The fact there was force needed to get Selassie on the throne, is also what is happening when Christ is going to sit upon the throne. Babylon will not like it, there will be a big fight and clash before Christ will take His Seat. 

Lesson 3 

The fact that His Imperial Majesty installed the Organization of Afrikan Inity teaches me, that Jah wants His children to unite. There is no room for segregation or tribalism. No matter if we are from this or that tribe, we must all unite, to come together, together we must fight against babylon, together we stand strong. Although, when Jah comes and babylon removed, there will no more be wars, in this present day we still have to face babylon every day. We are already living in Jah Kingdom when we are Jah disciples, even before the Physical Reignship has been installed, I and I are already members of this kingdom, therefore also Jah teaches us through Selassie Works how we should behave in this present time of war between good and evil. 

Lesson 4 

The fact that Selassie was the head of the Ethiopian Orthodox church tells us, that in the kingdom of Jah there will be no separation between church and state, that means that within the social structure there will be an eye for righteousness, justice and equality. The state under King Yeshouah will be based upon Jah Law. The head of state is also the head of the church. 

Lesson 5 

The fact that Mussolini, as a type or icon of the coming antichrist, could not prevail against Haile Selassie teaches me this: Rome, as a symbol for corrupted christianity (no offense intended to those readers that live in the city of Rome for I talk about the roman catholic church) tries to conquer the Kingdom of God, and sometimes it seems like they are succeeding in that, but this will not happen. Again I must say, that some things that I see within His Majesty are references to the coming physical Reignship of Jah on earth, other things like this one teach me more about the present situation, in which Jah children, the citizens of the Kingdom of Jah have to face struggle. 

Lesson 6 

The fact that His Majesty granted land (Shashamane) to Afrikans in exile, no matter which tribe they originally came from, teaches me that Jah accepts each and everyone, without looking at geographical origin. Just like the good Shepherd gathers his sheep, Selassie proved to be like a shepherd for the children of Africa, at home and abroad. No matter where you come from, you can always repatriate to your Creator. No matter if your sins caused you to live in (spiritual) exile from the Source of Life (Jah Christ): you can always return. 

Lesson 7 

The fact that His Majesty used his authority to work towards righteousness, equality and justice shows to me, what it means, that Christ will rule with an iron rod of correction. Let me explain: in contradiction to babylon where the rod of money, inequality and injustice rules and 10% of the people get 90% of the assets, in the coming physical Theocratic Global Kingdom of Jah this will not be tolerated! 

Lesson 8 

The fact that His Majesty as a King from the Davidic Bloodline governed over a people consisting of Jews and non-Jews is another clear similarity between the Kingdom of Jah and the Ethiopian Monarchy. When Jah comes to rule, unlike Old Testament times where the Kings of Israel ruled only over the people of Israel, King Omega (Christ) will rule over Jews and non-Jews. 

Lesson 9 

The fact that His Majesty invited the Beta Israel to join the christian faith shows to me what the binding factor is in the Kingdom of Jah: the worship of Jah through the mediation of Christ. even if you are a member of the house of Jacob. 

Lesson 10 

The fact that His Majesty is called the King of kings makes it clear what that title means: it does not matter what your nationality is, or your race. The Reignship of Jah goes beyond one nation or culture. You do not have to deny your your identity or change it, because Jah is the King over all kings.

Queen Sheba made an excellent decision when she went to Israel checking out King Solomon and his wisdom. She stood in awe when she realized that Solomon was even wiser than the stories she had heard. Solomon was the wisest man and his son Haile Selassie I also. Haile Selassie has proven to be an Icon of Jesus Christ, through his personality Jesus Christ reveals Himself when you have eyes to see. I have already given nuff reason why I think he is an Icon of Jah, I have given nuff lessons I think there is to learn from His Majesty's personality. This in itself is enough to stand in awe and respect for this king, just like his grandmother Queen Sheba stood in awe for his grandfather, King Solomon. But there is much more to say about Haile Selassie, which I like to share with you now.

When His Majesty found out, that people were worshipping HIM as God, he did not do what a lot of christians do, simply denying that he is Jah and for the rest nothing. No, I think His Majesty gives us a perfect message about how we should follow HIM if we wish to do so. And I must say, I wish to follow Rastafari, because Rastafari shows I the Way, the Truth and the Light: Iesous Kristos. I do not wish to place myself subject under a queen or king that does not serve as an Icon of Jah, that does not have righteousness dwelling. When I look to the woman that they call Queen of the Netherlands, what is there to learn? Haile Selassie I, Rastafari, Lion of Judah on earth, teach I and I! Because His Majesty denied repeatedly that he was Jah, the fact I do not believe as well in his divinity, means I follow the teachings of His Majesty. I follow the teaching of the archbishop Abuna Yesehaq, that is sent by His Majesty to Jamaica for this reason. You can read all about that in a previous article. His Majesty told us to read the bible, to pray to Iesous Kristos, just like he prayed to Iesous Kristos. His Majesty told us to fight for the unification of all righteous people, to work hard for justice and equality where we live. Rastafari teachings!

I follow Rastafari because he is an Icon of Jah. I follow Rastafari because he proved to be a righteous king, worthy of the titles that he wore. He was anointed to be a king serving his people in the fear of JAH through Kristos Iesous and he did that. Rastafari told me to pray and do the best I can to praise Jah in my life, not only by my words, but also use I and I ability to achieve this.

I also follow Rastafari, because he as head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and "Keeper of the Ethiopian Orthodox Faith" represents Roots-Christianity. The Ethiopian Christian Faith is the oldest in the world. It has never served babylon in the way that other christianity forms have done. Like so many Rastafarians I was born and raised in the Pentecostal Movement. This movement, part of Evangelical Christianity, has been blinded for Ethiopia unfortunately, this in spite of the fact that Haile Selassie embraced this movement. Haile Selassie I attended, even opened, an evangelist congress in Berlin, organized by the famous Billy Graham. Bob Marley showed his love for the same movement by revealing his affection for the books of Hal Lindsey which are evangelical books about the apocalypse. Still the eyes of many of my evangelical bredrin and sistren are closed for the rich visions and knowledge from the Ethiopian Faith.

Thusfar I have shared with you my visions of Rastafari as an Icon of Iesous Kristos. I have given you reasons why I believe it is totally rightful and scriptural founded to have this vision of Selassie I and Ethiopia. I have given you 10 examples in which I believe you can vision Selassie I as an Icon of Christ in His Kingly Character as the Lion of Judah. I carried on and tried to share with you the way I follow Rastafari. I hope and pray, that this article has been a blessing for you in one way or another. I have not written this article in an attempt to judge anybody, whether they believe in His Majesty's divinity or whether they are a member of the evangelical world. I sight everyone who calls upon the Name of Jah through His Son, whether they believe Him to be returned or not, as Idren. I only give you my humble visions of Rastafari, the Mighty Lion of Judah!




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