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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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After reading several "exposes" and other mainstream christian publications about Rastafari, after talking with many people about it, I decided to write an article about one of the most delicate subjects: racism. It seems that so many people think the movement of Rastafari is a racist movement, that I decided to study some material that claimed Rasta to be racist or partial in race. Is the movement holding one race superior and another inferior as the critics say? Why is it that people seem to think the movement talks about superiority of one race over another? This article is written to serve especially those people that struggle with one of the above questions.

When it comes to matters such as slavery and black history, Rastafari puts a great effort in educating the minds of the people. After the personality of His Majesty Haile Selassie, this is the second important topic of the Rastaman. Lest we not forget, there are numerous Rasta tracks like the one "Do you remember the days of slavery" from the great Burning Spear. Now I would say that "half the story has never been told" and everyone with a little consciousness in the head can realize that it is a good thing to tell that other half! The truth might be an offense, but is never a sin, and the truth shall also set you free. There is nothing racist about telling things how they are. So there must be another part which "exposers" gladly use to stir up the christian public opinion against the Rastaman. Let me first localize that part of Rastafari Message that people seem to perceive as racist. I can bring it down to just one quote, that of the honorable Marcus Garvey. Marcus said: "When white people look to God from their own white perspective, we as black people will have to look to God from our own Afrikan perspective". Whatever Marcus ment, it is an answer to the downpressing force of babylon. The white man's God had proven himself to be partial in favor of the white man, as he thanks his god every day for the power he has and the money he earns over the back of the slaves. Marcus told the children of Afrika to look to a God that would not be partial towards the white man, but towards the sufferer, the black man. Rastafari compares the western world with babylon in the old testament, and black people with the Jews in exile on the old testament. A strong part of the message is livicated to black consciousness, liberation and repatriation. Are all these things racism? Do these things speak of superiority of the black man over the white man? When Rasta says: "Black is beautifull", does that automatically imply "White is ugly"? It is surely brought as such by these "exposers". And too many upright christians believe them and think that the movement of Rastafari is holding one race superior and another inferior. A serious allegation which has to be rebuked by strong reasoning. I will explain why it is not racist to say what Marcus said, I even will show to you why it is racist to find Marcus Words offensive! Let me start to give four facts to place everything within the right historical and spiritual context:

FACT: Over 400 years ago a serious trade in human beings from the continent of Africa started taking place to fulfill the needs of the white plantation keepers that possessed soil stolen from the original inhabitants.

FACT: Christianity in a corrupted, white biased form was used to keep the slaves spiritually in bondage, making them believe they are inferior to the white man.

FACT: Central headquarters of the most powerful and biggest christian organizations in the world are all located in the western world or babylon.

FACT: The richness of the west (christian) world is gathered by plundering the rest of the planet, while the church has been a major supporter and contributor to this wickedness.

Now, to overstand how the movement of Rastafari came to exist in the first place, you have to realize the above four facts. Whether you like it or not, christianity has been a leading force in causing the Afrikan holocaust. What do I say? Christianity? I mean white christianity. I have yet to see an Ethiopian Orthodox priest blessing arms of oppression as you can see the pope doing. And that exactly is the point that Marcus Garvey makes. It is obvious to see, that the god of the white man, when he exists, can not be the God of the Ethiopians, cannot be the God of anyone that seriously wants to follow JAH. Because the God of the Bible, Jah, the God of Israel and Ethiopia, is partial, in favor of the sufferers! It is not Jah, that teaches a white racist theology. The way black people are treated by white christians, well, let us call that: "the white man looking to God from their own white man's perspective".

Tragically, it is not only white people having this white perspective on the Creator. The doctrine of white superiority has not been abolished together with slavery. Slavery has not been abolished in the economical and spiritual form, just to mention two points. Over 400 years black people in exile have been manipulated and brainwashed by the spiritual institutions of babylon: the churches! This downpressing force has been maintained in a lot of churches until this very day in those places where the movement of Rastafari originated: The Caribbean! Pictures of a white Jesus hanging in black churches, scholars send to bible schools in the United States runned by people who believe it is the grace of the Lord that build America's "civilization", and I do not speak about the American Aboriginal here! There is a strong force trying to keep black people down. There is still too many white people looking to God through their own white perspective, trying to brainwash the children of Africa with their white-centered theology. Trying to keep black people in mental slavery. And white people too, because only a JAH-centered theology can bring freedom. Any theology aimed at holding one race superior and another inferior is slavery in itself. White people keep themselves in slavery when they keep on thinking they are superior (or inferior!) over black people.

Maybe a lot of honoust christian people do not realize this, but I have met numerous of them that are convinced, that the richness of the western world today is a direct blessing of Jah. These people forget that it was the green lands of others that was occupied, yellow gold robbed of other civilizations and red blood of slaves and other victims that build the great cities of this modern day babylon. The commandment of Christ to spread His message across the four corners of the earth has been abused to legalize a global plundering. Everywhere the "missionaries" came they brought violence, destruction and sicknesses. The cross became a symbol of downpression rather than salvation for every nation that has been brutalized in one form or another by this white christianity. What they spread was everything but the gospel of salvation, and if they said something about Jesus Christ it was only to portray Him as a white downpressor! What they said was "Jesus in the sky will take you in his heaven when you are a good committed slave"

This is the situation in which we find the movement of Rastafari, waking up the sufferers, telling black people not to believe the lies about a white Jesus and America being "God's own country". These are the circumstances in which you can hear the Rastaman's call to look to Africa to find a better perspective on the Creator. Rasta doesn't say that white people are inferior, but Rasta rejects white christianity that preaches white superiority. Rasta doesn't say that black people are superior, but Rasta says that Jah is on the side of the sufferers. Rasta calls upon black people to realize the strong connection that Jah has with Ethiopia because the white babylonian theology preaches that black people are cursed people (the so called curse of Ham). I have also studied some material from so called christian people that claim only white people are human! The white theology speaks lies about black people, blatant lies about the Savior as well! Rasta prophecies to the churches to stop preaching the white Jesus, to stop co operating with babylon in brainwashing black people. Because the movement of Rastafari teaches black people that babylon speaks lies, the people are waking up. Churches can no longer maintain an attitude of ignoring the Rastaman's voice. They have to take a listen to what Marcus Garvey has to say about having a black man's perspective on Jah, not a white man's. Because it does not mean you have to be a blackman to be accepted by Jah, but you have to realize that Jah is the God of the Sufferers. If you are a white person, you should not look to God from the idea that the white race is the most blessed on earth. When you are a white man you should realize that Jah is on the side of the sufferers. That maybe what you see is poor people when you look at the sufferers, but when you look to your black bredrin and sistren with the eye that JAH gives you, you will realize these are the people Yeshouah spoke of when He said: "Blesseth are the sufferers for they will rejoice!"

When you agree with the present situation of a christianity that is fooling both black and white people by preaching the superiority of one race or civilization over another, yes then I can imagine why you think the movement of Rastafari is racist or partial towards black people. When you see any act of commitment towards the liberation of black people as threatening to your own spiritual scheme, isn't it time to wake up? When you think, that the western world is build upon the blessings of the Most High, when you honestly think that the western world has had a christian culture for centuries, it is time to read your bible again and compare what you read with what you have been tought at school in your history class. You should open your eyes and realize that (when you live in the white western world) you dwell in babylon, the babylon that is described in the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse. The same babylon that has been vandalizing this planet for centuries, preaching a false Jesus. The same babylon that is going to be totally downstroyed by Jah when He returns as the Lion of Judah.

Jah has chosen a black king in this end-time to function as a herald for His coming. People criticize HIM for not embracing the western political system. For a lot of people living in the west, including christians, this system of so-called democracy is the only true one. But the Rastaman knows, that babylon system is going to fall. What is that for a democracy, in which black people are still the sufferers? What kind of a "peoples-rule" (that is the meaning of the word democracy) is that, in which black people are considered inferior and Afrikan Nations "development countries"? I have yet to read a bible scripture which supports this babylon system. Haile Selassie says that until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is destroyed there will be war. The Rastaman's war is not against white people, but against mental slavery of black people. The Rastaman says that black people are beautiful people where babylon says they are ugly people. The Rastaman says that black people are Gods chosen people because Jah always takes the side of the sufferer where babylon says the white man is Gods chosen because they are so blessed by material richness and global power. The Rastaman wants to remember slavery and use it as a teaching and babylon wants us to forget slavery and act like it has never happened. Until the racist babylon philosophy of white superiority has been destroyed there will be war. War in the east, war in the west, war up north, and war down south...............




Yesus Kristos


Rastafari Come Reason!
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