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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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Bob Marley words: "The truth is an offense, but not a sin". The truth is an offense to the liar. The lie is a sin to the Truth. We still have to live in the land of confusion (babylon), we still have to be watchful. All those that follow Christ, as Rastafari said we should, are following the truth and will be an offense to the liar who denies Yeshouah is the Christ. Therefore we have to get ready and prepare ourselves because some call it a 


but it's the end of times Jah say.....

Millions and millions of people, numerous Rastafarians and Christians included, are influenced in one way or another by New Age Thought, without knowing where they are being prepared for. Most of the time these people are sincere in trying to make the world a better place. In this -rather long- article I will try to introduce you to the -unfortunately- horrible truth (and root) behind New Age: Beware, oh children of Jah, for the time is at hand! 

Slowly, little by little, the face of babylon is changing. In the arena of world politicks these changes are even more clear: The fall of the Soviet Union, Israel and the Palestines, et cetera. We hear politicians speaking of New Age and New World Order. Their mark can be seen on the American one dollar bill (novos ordos seclorum, new world order). A very strong part in all this is played by the esotherical movement that is the subject of this article.  I believe, that the New Age Movement (NAM) is preparing the hearts of men for the coming antichrist. The New Age Movement, and where it stands for, fits the biblical description of the movement of the antichrist. I will compare the teachings of Jah with the teachings of the New Age, and I will quote from both sources. After reading this article, it will hopefully be clear that these sources contradict each other on so many crucial levels, that either one is telling the truth and the other one is not. 


Before I begin, let me first introduce you to the main reasons why I have written this article, what sources I've used, and what conclusion I have made concerning the New Age.  The direct reason for writing this article, is the amount of letters I have read from and written to bredrin and sistren from all over the world, in which they have expressed their sympathy for the New Age. This showed the necessity for this article. I have had numerous conversations as well with New Agers. Some of them are really friendly, most of them, others tried to fight me down. This article is not to attack anyone personally: our struggle is never against flesh and blood (fellow human beings). But because New Age likes to use scriptural language and claims to be the right interpretation of the Holy Books of Jah, they make it necessary for I and I, to study their material as well, to see if it matches. Which it does, but not in the way the NAM claims.  I will quote richly from New Age sources. And when I do, it will look like THIS 


Earlier, I have written an article about Benjamin Creme and his Maitreya. As time progresses and the new age is approaching, it becomes more and more clear, that he is the planned coming leader. Most New Age Organizations recognize Creme and his organization Share International. When they speak, the New Age Movement listens. In this article I will quote a lot from their publications. Also, the New Age Movement is more or less founded on the esotherical books of Helena Blavatsky and her successor Alice Bailey. The latter has written numerous books dictated by a spiritual being called Djwal Kul, these books form a blueprint for the new age in every kind of thinkable aspect: health care, culture, education, psychology, religion, everything. Very scaring indeed. The books are published by a company called Lucis Trust, formerly known as Lucifer Trust. Lucis also published "the secret doctrine" by Helena Blavatsky. This book contains the New Age doctrine and is crucial for studying the NAM. I have also use different information one can find on the web. 


One strong foundation for New Age thinking is based up Theosophy, a way of thinking introduced to humanity from the country of India, in the 19th century. You will read a lot of about "masters of wisdom", "the christ" et cetera in this article. Theosophy has provided the New Age with a way of interpretation that almost enables them to use any book of any religion to preach their message. 

Basically, the New Age teaches something they call Self-Realization. In their philosophy, which is a strange mix of pantheism (god is all, all is god) and polytheism (many gods), everything is aimed at the awakening of a consciousness that man is god. All the higher beings in the new age belief system, are helping humanity to grow. The self is what matters.

In the personal field, this means that one has to experience various initiations and go through different reincarnations to reach that state of consciousness. When something bad happens to you, this is because you have to "pay karma". That means, you have to get the balance right: for every wrong thing you do, you must do a good thing. When the balance is right then it is right and you have paid your karma. Needless to say this is a clear contradiction with the offer of grace. Helpful tools to pay the price for your own sins are asceticism (depriving one's self from the pleasures of life), all kinds of Yoga (which means: yoke) and other meditation New Age style (emptying one's mind in order to be filled again by an external source). In short: by performing occult arts and seeking the supernatural in any possible way, one seeks to find one's "divine" self. The old lie, with which the devil satan tempted Eve. He told Eve, when she would eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, she would be as God, knowing right and wrong.

In the political field, New Age stands for total transformation of the governments. By pointing at unrighteous things of babylon (for example: 17% of the people eat 83% of all the food) the NAM strives to establish an economical system which will in name be aimed at righteous distribution of the goods, but de facto will enable them to in- or exclude anyone from any economical activity. When Jah come and righteousness will cover the earth, there will be no need for such a system, but now the NAM uses legitimate arguments to create a world-society based on their own doctrines.

By telling us to change the world in our own strength, not in the powers of the Most High Jah, they are bypassing another vital aspect: worship. New Agers do not like to worship, and especially not (a) Christ, not even their own one. Although they claim that they do not want to make another religion, later on you will read, that they write themselves, that eventually they will do this. Christians and   Rastafarians alike worship one God, Jah. Too many may not realize that in the New Age, they will be deprived from that obligation, and made to bow down for another belief system. 


"For the mystery of iniquity doth already work", Paulus the apostle wrote in the Bible, in 2 Thessalonians 2:7, almost 2000 years ago. This mystery can be traced much further back to very ancient times, before the creation of man, when one of Jah's most beautifull creations decided to rise up against his Creator and take His Place. He failed, but he took one third of the angels with him, and when man was created, he tempted them with the same sin (wanting to be as God) as well. I would like to quote the Bible on lucifer's fall:

"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High." (IsaJah 14:12vv)

There are two really important things in here we should remember. Lucifer (He that carries light) is called the morning star (in the original language) or Venus. And he wanted to rise up above Jah. There are much more things to say about these scriptures, but these two things are important for this matter. Lucifer, as he was called before he became satan, coming from Venus, wants to be as God. That is his aim. Now we have the New Age Movement claiming that "Lord of this world", coming from Venus, will be the head of the coming "World Teacher", that is the one they would like to welcome as Christ. You will find the name from this "Lord of this world" pretty interesting, I think: SANAT. And I guess his descend from Venus wasn't quite his own choice as well....


Many times in the meditations of Jesus Christ, you will hear Him speaking about "the mysteries of the kingdom of Jah". When He speaks about this, He is referring to the principals according to which the kingdom of God works. The kingdom of Jah that is mystically present within the children of Jah, and which will eventually be covering the whole earth according to prophecy. Although the NAM claims to establish this kingdom on earth, and also use this part of scripture for themselves, for now I just wanted to point out to the fact, the principals according to which the things run in the kingdom of Jah, is called "mysteries of the kingdom". Things like: "love your enemy", "worship only Jah", et cetera.............

When you jump to the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians, you will find Paulus the Apostle meditating over another mystery, the mystery of iniquity. In a previous paragraph I already mentioned it. This mystery, according to Paulus, will be fully functioning after "he that withholdeth", is taken out of the way. The principals according to which the kingdom of iniquity works, are all aimed at uplifting and worshipping satan and blaspheming the Almighty. Therefore, I believe this mystery to be a referral to the struggles and strives to make lucifer (as he still likes to call himself) like the Most High. Surrender yourself to the principals of the kingdom of iniquity, and you might find yourself an active part in "restoring the Plan on earth".

Paulus wrote in the same chapter (2 Thessalonians 2) about the coming of one man, in the future, in the so called end-time. This man is called "the man of iniquity", or the anti-christ. A man who will be totally overshadowed by lucifer. He is known under various names: the anti-christ, the beast, the man of iniquity. Like Christ is known to hand over the world into the hands of His Father, so this anti-christ will try to hand over the world into the hands of his father, satan. He will do great signs and miracles, to deceive many.  Some New Agers try to make the antichrist an energy, but not a person. Later on in this article I will elaborate on the new age vision on the antichrist. But if you study Jah Words, you will see that the man of iniquity or the antichrist is a person for sure: he decides, heals, speaks, he will get judgement. None of these things can be said of an energy. 


Q: You talk a lot about politics and economics, which are all very materialistic, but is this what the (Maitreya, md) Christ is all about?

BC: Yes, indeed. Absolutely. It is indeed. It is not primarily as a religious leader that He is coming. You may look for Him rather as an educationalist in the widest sense of the word, advocating changes in our political, economic and social life.

(taken from questions and answers with benjamin creme, the herald of maitreya the so called christ)

About the antichrist it is said, he will come to be the leader of a great empire. When you study the book of the Apocalypse, you will discover it is called babylon. Babylon is the name that Jah gives to all the succeeding world empires. Reading the Bible, the book of Daniel, this becomes clear. Although the geographical location of babylon varied through out the centuries of world history, their (spiritual, supernatural) leaders and tenets remained the same because babylon is the satanic worldly empire. Don't be fooled by the ancient name, babylon is alive and wealthy at this present time. The bible calls her a mystery, something that is sealed, covered, not easy to understand. It takes a praying heart ("Oh Jah, show I the truth, in Iesous Name") and a little knowledge about scriptural world-history. To overstand the mystery, you need to know something about very ancient times. Can I take you on a little journey through ancient world-history?

According to Genesis babylon was created, after the flood, by Nimrod, who was "a mighty man, a great hunter for the sight of Jah". That means, he was a rebel against Jah. Nimrod was married to a woman who called herself Semirames. That name means "dove". You can see a statue of her on this page. She was highpriestess of the moon goddess. There is a half moon in the form of two horns on the top of her head. Nimrod and Semirames have been worshipped as gods together with a number of evil spirits throughout the centuries: Semirames as the Queen of heaven (among other titles and names), Nimrod as Bachus (among other titles and names). This couple has organized the mystery religion, a religion with various initiations, adepts, et cetera. This religion has always been an instrument by the political rulers to keep the people down and themselves "most high". Although with different names, the gods have always remained the same. We are tought at school, that the gods from the Greeks and the Romans, were in fact the same gods with different names. This is true, all the religions that came with the world empires were basically the same, a derivate or further work-out of the previous one. They can be traced back to Nimrod and Semirames, and it it's organized form even further: to the times before the flood, the "days of Noah".

This pre-flood period is known in New Age circles as "the days of Atlantis". It never rained in that time, but there was a mist in the morning. The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky (picture right) also speaks about the mist.According to the book of Enoch (not to be confused with the Keys of Enoch), in that time the fallen angels (evil spirits who joined lucifer in his fall) married the daughters of men, to create giants or nephilim as their offspring. These giants, a sort of half human, half fallen angel, tought mankind the occult arts and astrology, Enoch says. The building blocks for the post-flood mystery religion of babylon. New Age philosophy, deeply founded in the esotherical writings of Helena Blavatsky, claims to restore the knowledge from Atlantis, that is the knowledge from the days of Noah. Reading Enoch, we know the source of this knowledge. This is a very clear contradiction between Jah Words and New Age teachings. 


In order to discover more about the mystery of iniquity or the (final) antichrist, we have to understand that the plan is to make satan rise above the Most High. Scripture warns us that he will attempt to do so by using the antichrist. The antichrist is the ultimate attempt to make lucifer king of the earth. It is the final stone in the proverbial tower that babylon is building today. The most important thing to know for identifying the antichrist or his movement: the antichrist will not confess (preach), that YESHOUAH IS THE MESSIAH! He will make a distinction between Jesus and the Christ which is simply not there, and whoever tries to make this distinction, the bible says, is obeying to the spirit of the antichrist.  

"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son." (1 John 2:22)

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world." (1 John 4:1-3)

This means, you can not separate Jesus and the Christ, as if they were not one and the same. Jesus is always Christ, also before He came in the flesh. Yeshouah is Christ, and only He. The scripture also means, in His position as the Christ He became human. You can also not make a separation between Iesous' Person as being truly human and truly God (Christ). Jesus Christ came in the flesh (became human) as the Christ. There has never been a moment in which there was a Jesus and a Christ. That is what the apostle John wants to say to us. Maybe you do not really understand what it is exactly what John means. Don't worry, when you see what the New Age teaches you will perfectly know why John says these things and what they mean.

Please note, this is the method by which we are to recognize the antichrist. Not if he comes with kind or unkind words, not if he comes and speaks about love and sharing and thing, but this: does or does he not separate Jesus and Christ. It would be easy if this antichrist would come only with hate in his eyes and thing, so everyone would recognize. But Jah Jah warns us for the false prophets and their false teachings, that will deceive many. Their mystery (religion) is working this day, it is functioning on the political field, on the social and cultural field, on the religious field. Any possible field, and most important: in the hearts of the children of man. And the people working on the Plan know as much as I and I, we are about to see some real major global changes! They call it a New Age. Heralds of this coming time speak about peace and safety. They speak of a great master, a great teacher that is coming to teach the world. They call him Maitreya, and they say that Maitreya is the Christ. They deny that Yeshouah is the Christ. Read what they say about Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: "He was, and still is, a Disciple of the Christ and made the great sacrifice of giving up His body for the use of the Christ. By the occult process of overshadowing, the Christ, Maitreya, took over and worked through the body of Jesus from the Baptism onwards." They are clearly making a distinction.At first they deny Yeshouah is the Christ, at second they deny they say Jesus was only during a part of His life on earth the Christ, or actually not even that. 

They are speaking about all kinds of things that are supposed to happen in this coming time. But even though some things might seem nice and good in the first place, when the tree is bad and wrong, the fruit can not be good as well. The wolf can put on the sheep's clothing, but will remain wolf. Satan can present himself as an angel of light, he remains to be the father of darkness. And he did not let go of his evil intention, to become god above the Most High. We are told by Jah, to keep our eyes and ears open, when we want to know the times. To even reveal the schemes of satan and reprove them. The New Age System is such a scheme. When you put Jah Light on the matter, that is checking the scriptures as reggae artist Willy Williams puts it, you will find, that it is a slave master's plan: aimed at putting lucifer on the throne. You will find that the NAM fulfills a lot of biblical prophecies, in such an open and clear manner, that you must almost be blinded when you can't see it. John has given us the tool to recognize the spirit and the movement of the antichrist: they blatanly and clearly deny that Jesus is the Christ. They say there is someone called maitreya who is the christ.

And it goes even further. When it comes to the antichrist, the New Age Philosophers try to bagatelle every mention there is about the antichrist. They say the beast from the Apocalypse is not the antichrist, but emperor Nero from Rome. 

anti-Christ is not one individual who lives at a certain point in time, but is an energy released before the advent of the Christ. It comes to pave the way for the building forces of the Christ by destroying the old crystallized ways that block new growth for society. While the anti-Christ is an energy, it does manifest through individuals and has done so at different times throughout history, most notably through the Emperor Nero in Roman times, and more recently through Hitler and some of his closest associates. With the defeat of the Axis powers during World War II, the work of the anti-Christ energy was completed for this age and will not manifest again for over 3,000 years.

So to resume what is said thusfar, the antichrist is needed, to "prepare the way" as it were for the coming time in which righteousness will cover the earth. We know from scripture, before the Kingdom of JAH gets established there will be a big clash between Jah and the forces of babylon. We already read Paulus writing about a man that is coming. You can read nuff prophecies in the book of Daniel concerning the coming of a king, a ruler, in the end time. We see the beast in the Apocalypse, a clear description of a person. John writes to us, there is also a spirit of the antichrist, working the mystery of iniquity, in order to establish a new world order, under lucifer's rule. There is not a mention of an energy, but a spirit. But the antichrist, according to the New Age, is cleaning up the earth, so the new world order can be established. According to scripture, the antichrist is the ultimate, the last expression of babylon. After the antichrist, babylon will be destroyed and never found again. There is not a mention in scripture of an antichrist needed to prepare the way for the Lord. The antichrist marks the end of an era, the time of babylon. According to new age, the antichrist is breaking down babylon. According to prophecy, the antichrist is building babylon. This is a subtle difference, but it is there, and it is a very crucial difference. And when we continue to read the above, we see that the New Age Movement claims, we are already living in a post-antichrist time! Well Idrens, when we look around us, we do not see that the antichrist (and the devil satan with him) has been defeated yet!

The anti-christ does exist, not as an individual who comes before the Christ, but as an energy. Fundamentally, the anti-christ is the First, or Will aspect of God, in its destructive form. It is that energy which destroys thus making way for the new energies of the Christ. The anti-christ energy sweeps away the old, outworn forms and prepares the way for the incoming, creative energy.

This destructive force has already worked out through the disasters which have devastated the planet: world wars; the starvation of millions every year; earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Now they continue to say, that the antichrist is a part of Jah, of God! This is a consequence of another part of New Age philosophy, known as Ying/Yang, which basically comes down to the idea that there is no ultimate good or evil. That evil is an aspect of Jah just as much as goodness. When you believe, that Jah is all and all is Jah, then indeed you will come to the ultimate conclusion, that babylon then must also be Jah, or at least a part of it. How different from what I and I perceive from I and I Faada, Jah the Most High. There is no evil in Jah, in Christ Yeshouah. There is one truthful thing in what they say, because what they call outworn forms, that is the worship in Jah only through Christ, will be subject of the destructive forces on the antichrist. And again, when I look around me, this does not look like a post-antichrist time to me.


The NAM is a network of organizations, some of which call themselves "new age", others are more covered. They have rooted themselves firmly within the United Nations. Also in the national political fields of many countries. In all kinds of religious and social/economical organizations.  Together, these organizations form so-called SPINs or Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks.  In a SPIN, no organization is crucial, and unreplacable. They just bundle their powers, work together. According to Marylin Ferguson in her revealing book The Aquarian Conspiracy, every segment of a SPIN is self supporting, therefore you can not destroy the movement by discrediting one leading figure or group. And because every organization is more or less self supporting, and sometimes even contradicts another one, this makes it even harder for people to unravel. Ferguson speaks openly about the way the New Age Movement is transforming the world, preparing the way for their christ.

Because of the wide variety of new age groups and methods, it is very easy, to get involved in the New Age, and I am sure that a lot of New Agers, especially those who are not initiated (yet), are convinced that they are working to make the world a better place instead of preparing the planet for the father of lies.A lot of them might not even know they are involved in New Age. I can not tell you how many Rastafarians I've met who felt inspired by the things the NAM says. Little by little, and step by step, New Age thought comes in the hearts of men and society as a whole. They speak of the great injustices that are done, for example that 83% of the food is eaten by 17% of the people, and that this has to change and all. This way they appeal to the feelings of all of us, people longing for a better world. We see this happening before our very eyes. The world is being prepared for changes, but what are these changes? I believe, that they are all aimed to bring one man on the throne, the coming anti-christ.  Looking to what they teach, and what they believe in, they are really following the old ancient babylonian traditions of mystery. And remember, Paulus has warned us there is a mystery of iniquity and it was working in his time, and will be fully working when the coming antichrist can reveal himself to the world.

New Age is a religion with strong fundamental doctrines. It is very important to recognize these doctrines. A lot of them sound very good and with a lot of sense, but when you see them all together and compare them with the warnings of JAH for the end time deception, I am sure you will be shocked. 


The NAM is talking about a coming world teacher. They call him "Maitreya the Christ". They say, that the coming of this Maitreya is the fulfillment of biblical prophecies regarding the return of Jesus Christ. We can see by the scriptures I have given already, when Maitreya is the returned Christ, he must confess that Jesus is the Christ, and that He came in the flesh which made Him truly human without losing His Deity, or to put it simple: when Maitreya is Christ, he must be Jesus.  

In an article called "Jesus of Nazareth and Maitreya the Christ", the author Peter Liefhebber writes literally "Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ are not one and the same person."  According to this article, "Christ is only a title given to a function in the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom, that group of advanced beings who guide the evolution of humanity from behind the scenes." He says that Jesus Christ and Joshua (from the Jericho walls) are one and the same. Don't forget the words of John, that who denies Jesus is the Christ is the antichrist or at least following his mystery or plan! Liefhebber states, that not Jesus is the Christ, but Maitreya is the Christ, and Maitreya ".... informed and guided the actions and teachings of His disciple Jesus" (sic).   They also teach that Jesus was a man (and not Christ), and that Maitreya "spiritually overshadowed" Him from His baptism to His crucifixion No coming as Christ in the flesh here, seen? Only during a short period when He was 30 years old. Scripture speaks of Christ, Jesus, Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus and all of the time, context makes this clear, the subject is Yeshouah and never anyone else. Read it, all over the new testament, when Jesus is not the Christ, why do the ones so close to him as John, James, Peter, they all write that Jesus is the Christ. There is only one Christ, Jesus. New Agers make a constant distinction between Christ and Jesus. Liefhebber writes that "Jesus was a man who, as a result of the process of evolution, became a Son of God -- as does everyone eventually. Others had gone before him on that path and many have taken it since." This is the teaching, that man is God. It is the old lie of satan, that he said to Eve: you will be like God". This is what the babylonians said, when they wanted to make a tower to "build a name for ourselves". That is cryptic language for: we will be our own God. A central doctrine within New Age teaching. They claim, that even Christ Iesous teaches this doctrine, because they quote Him where He says to the people, that they will be perfect like their heavenly Father, and that Yeshouah also said, that His followers would do greater things than Him. In both occasions, Jesus Christ speaks about things that He works out Himself in the believers. "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me" the apostle Paulus writes (Galatians 2:20). A new ager might respond and say, well I do not see any mention of Jesus Christ here, just of Christ. The the new ager must make the distinction consequent in scripture, and there is nuff mention of Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ in the new testament. There is no separation between Christ and Jesus. But the New Agers make a clear distinction. This is what the NAM has to say about the return of Jesus (the "disciple" of "maitreya the christt"): "He is one of the Masters Who will very shortly return to outer work in the world, taking over the Throne of St. Peter, in Rome. He will seek to transform the Christian Churches, in so far as they are flexible enough to respond correctly to the new reality which the return of the Christ and the Masters will create." So Jesus is going to the one of the next popes of Rome, where he will find ways to transform, that is totally restructuring, the churches to make them follow maitreya's teachings. 

Now let me elaborate a bit more on the secret doctrine, the founding story for the New Age belief system. According to New Age philosophy, there is a group of spiritual beings called "the masters of wisdom". This group consists of beings that used to be human, but through all kinds of initiations and reincarnations they have evolved themselves. The masters of wisdom are "the Custodians of the Divine Plan for Earth", they "are the muses of poets and the inspiration behind all of the great thinkers, scientists, leaders and artists of every century."  Every now and then, one or more of these masters come into the world to teach humanity. Among these teachers you can find someone called Jesus (not Jesus Christ), Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed. It is interesting to read, that these masters need to work "underground", not visible and audible. Most of them recide in the mountains of the Himalayas and other far off places, from where they guide humanity. According to the teachings of the NAM this is since the big flood.  Before that these fallen spirits "had worked openly, outwardly in the world as the priest-kings and god-like beings who gave men the Atlantean civilisation" Reportedly the plan is to bring this situation back again, with Maitreya and "Jesus" and 39 other masters doing again this work. New Agers call the pre-flood world "Atlantis". In an article called Hidden Esoteric Wisdom in the Bible, the reverend (!) Ray Carey writes: "Look at the story of Noah, the ark, and the deluge (Atlantis destroyed)." It is very interesting indeed, that apparently these masters of wisdom that teach humanity lost their physical bodies during the flood. The Book of Enoch, as well as the canonic books of the Bible (Genesis, Jude, Peter) speak of the nephilim, the unholy offspring of fallen angels and daughters of men. These fallen angels and the nephilim were teaching the children of man all kinds of wicked actions, like magic and astrology. The mere existence of the nephilim was the reason for the big flood. Read what writer Aart Jurriaanse has got to say in a piece called "evolution of humanity began over 18 million years ago. "In those early days of Lemuria and Atlantis the primitive masses were led by their priest kings, assisted by Adepts, initiates and disciples, the direct descendants of the former White Brotherhood, who still formed the only real source of intelligent and spiritual guidance". According to scripture, that before man was created earth was there as well as the other planets, the so called stones of fire, inhabited by angels (FOOTNOTE 1). But lucifer fell. It is like reading the same information, but then from the other side. And in fact, it is. They are talking about the offspring of "former white brotherhood", that is the previous inhabitants of this planet (before Adam and Eve were created, before Eden was created), teaching the humans before the flood. We read in Enoch the offspring of fallen angels teaching the humans before the flood. It is the same story. After the flood, the unholy spirits of the nephilim needed to do their wicked works of iniquity more covert, for they lost their bodies in the flood. The message of the New Age, in a sense, is that this Atlantean situation will be restored on earth, at least when the masters of wisdom get what they want. In this context, it is vital to remember the prophecy of Jesus Christ, that during the last days, it will be like in the days of Noah. The New Agers talk about bringing back the pre-flood situation, because all the masters are supposedly coming as a group in this coming time. Again, in physical bodies. Maitreya being their leader.

The NAM claims, that this group " was brought into this planet by the Lord of the World, about 17 million years ago......It might be interesting to know, satan is also called the lord (archon) of this world (John 12:31).  As I said before, the New Agers also have another nice name for the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara. They say he is the same as the Ancient of days, which is a title for the Most High Jah. Any child can see this is satan wanting to be as and above the Most High. When you read he came from Venus, as he say so himself, to be our "Planetary Logos". He claims to be responsible for our evolution. On a website dedicated to him, he is even calling: "We have guided you and we have watched over you and it is time for you to incorporate ‘us’ into you". See a picture of the lord of this world on the left hand side. This is who they say is the Ancient of Days, or Jah Himself (Daniel 7). As you can see, he looks like one of Adolf Shitler's Aryans, blue eyes, white blond hair. Sanat says he has "not made public the truth of my being to humanity, not wanting to over emphasize my role to a planetary consciousness that would not fully understand." (FOOTNOTE 2) He stays a bit of the scene, because the people would not fully understand, as he says. Sanat Kumara is the leader of the leader (maitreya) of the masters of wisdom (who have been identified as following the spirit of the antichrist). We also know, the one we both call  "Lord of this world", is also the "head" of the coming antichrist and his false prophet.  

Now what is it what they (the hierarchy, the masters of wisdom) want to bring us humans to? That they once were humans like us, and that they are also god, like us. Because God is everything and everything is God, so they say. Another part of the teaching is reincarnation or rebirthing. ("And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment", Heb 9:27): Although Maitreya teaches that he is not going to make another religion, he is lying. The new world religion that maitreya the antichrist plans to inaugurate in the coming new age, is this:

"His teaching will be released in phases, each phase being relevant to the needs of humanity at each stage over the next 2,350 years or so. In the first place, we will find that He will lay the emphasis on the oneness of humanity, on the fact of the human soul, and on the need for sharing and right relationships. He will teach, again, the Law of Cause and Effect and its relation to the Law of Rebirth, showing the need for harmlessness in all relationships. When these ideas have permeated society and brought about the changes in our political, economic and social structures, He will set about the inauguration of the new world religion, bringing together the approaches to God of the East and the West, God immanent and God transcendent. He will teach the Mysteries of the Path of Initiation, the scientific path to God. Initiation will be central to the new world religion. Above all, He will reveal a new aspect of God. This is the New Revelation which He brings." (From the Maitreya FAQ)

We already saw, that the New Age belief system is depending on initiations of the people. The more you get involved, the more you get chained to the slave master. And you do not know in front what is happening. The ones that are not initiated are only longing for an initiation. They do not know what is happening afterwards. I ask you, if JAH is the Truth and the Way as we say He is, does the truth needs secret initiations? No, let it shine bright!  One of the nestors of the NAM, a man called David Spangler, has written that in order to enter the New Age, mankind must go through a "luciferian initiation". For those who refuse to do so (accepting the mark of the beast) they will be brought to a different dimension where they will be taught the new age (FOOTNOTE 3). Esotherical language for killing all those that refuse to worship (or accept) the maitreya as the Christ.

Maitreya the "christ" obviously is aware of the fact, that conscious people will easily recognize him as the antichrist, or at least someone very close to him. In an earlier article I have already written something about it. In "The coming of of the Great Lord",  a publication from Benjamin Creme inspired by "the master", he writes that when Maitreya comes, he will convince those that think he is the antichrist, by showing Iesous to them. So expect this antichrist to present somebody that he will call Jesus. This Jesus, pope in Rome, will have a humble attitude towards his master, Maitreya. And this Jesus will deny that he is the Christ. Who was again the one that denied that Jesus is the Christ?

Although they speak of love, and sharing with our fellow men, unity, and all good things, we should not be deceived by this. They want to control all the food in the world, supposedly to distribute it propperly. They make use of the fact that 17 percent of the people is eating 83 percent of the food supplies in the world to convince the people that sharing is a must. And indeed, sharing is a must. It is preached and practiced by the early christians and Jesus Christ Himself. I would gladly hand over my possessions and food to Jesus Christ and make Him distribute it good, when He would come to me and say so, but I would never hand over anything to someone that fits the scriptural description of the antichrist. I have already given to scriptural guidelines we need to walk by, in order to get some spiritual discernment. No matter if they come with handful of love and thing to make me accept their mystery, their doctrines, when they deny Yeshouah is the Christ, I know this is the spirit of the antichrist. We see babylon helping out the children of Africa when the hunger is too much. This handfull of love does not make babylon Zion. Scripture warns us for the wolfs in the sheep's clothing. It is true, that Christ Iesous says that you can recognize the tree by the fruits. New Agers use this scripture very much to "prove" that they have a good message. They say, that their fruit is love and sharing and so forth. But these things are the outward things. They are like the clothes. A true messenger of Jah will always confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. It is important to discern the doctrines of people's movements, because the doctrines are the driving energy. It is what makes people do what they do. And even if some things might seem good, they might look like good fruits at first sight, when it is created by the doctrine of the antichrist (not confessing Jesus is the Christ) is is a bad tree.

One of the most strong messages of the NAM is that all religions basically say the same. That may be correct when you speak of the mystery religions through-out the centuries that served as a platform for the political leaders (including roman Catholicism) but not when it comes to what Jah says. I am sure that you have heard of the meditation, that no matter if you are Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Animist, that everyone is serving the same God. Although this is brought as tolerance and uplifting for the unity of mankind, it is no less than a religion in itself: all religions are transformed to fit one message: the New Age's. You can only bring all religions together, if you take out what separates them by re-interpreting these things. And if you can then make them believe, that they are all waiting for the same person, then you can also provide them with that person.  That is exactly how they bring it: they say all is looking for one man, and they know who it is:

"All the great religions posit the idea of a further revelation to be given by a future Teacher. Christians hope for the return of the Christ, the Buddhists look for the coming of another Buddha (the Lord Maitreya), while Muslims await the Imam Mahdi, the Hindus a reincarnation of Krishna, and the Jews the Messiah.

Students of the esoteric tradition know all these as different names for the same individual - the Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters, and they look for His imminent return now."

In the bible, the book of truth, you read that by no means JAH will allow any other god beside Him, let go the idea that He is that other god. All the prophecies you read against idols, all the time you can read Jah telling His people to remember His Name. "You shall bow for no other god," is the message all of the time. The New Age doctrine, that all the gods that people serve is actually the same God, has its fierce supporters in every religion. It is called intolerant, when you keep your faith in Jah only. I think it is intolerant for pushing this doctrine of "every-religion-is-serving-the-same- god" in every body's mouth. It is a great sign of disrespect to any religion as well. It is also a great disrespect for people personally. When I have a different religion they say we must all come together to praise the same God. Sure we must come together as people, yes, we should not fight each other, we should together struggle for a better earth. But we can do all these things without having to say to eachother: "you know, we have a different religion, but we are serving the same God". It does not mean that I want to kill everybody that does not worship my God, when I make a distinction, I am just reading what I read in the book of truth. I read I must love each and everyone, even my enemies. Maybe we can't pray together, for we do not pray to the same God, but that does not mean we have to fight each other. The NAM makes people believe, that believing in one God,  or One Way to God, is intolerant. They point to Muslim Fundamentalists and Christian Fundamentalists to "prove" the "danger of fundamentalism in any religion". For, every religion is the same (according to the NAM), remember? Most of these so-called religious fundamentalists, are simple warmongers, fighting over a piece of land or power. Others use the simple faith of the believers (!) to get rich themselves. Using religion as a cover up for political aims. These people are violating the rules of their own religion most of the time. Unlike the NAM's allegation, someone who follows JAH only will not treat anybody different when they have a different faith. Demanding the worshippers of all religions, to bow down for the same god, that is intolerant.

New Age theory of knowledge is closely connected to a philosophy that was popular in the days of Paulus, Peter and John. We now know it by the name of "gnosticism". This comes from the word "gnosis" and that means "knowledge". A lot of their books were found in Nag Hammadi, in Egypt. The Nag Hammadi writings have shared a light on the doctrines of these early  New Agers. We knew mainly of them from the rebukes in scriptures. The knowledge the gnosticists talked about, in essence was that man was divine, only lost this knowledge somewhere along the way, and must now regain it by meditation, altered consciousness and ascetism. Or by the opposite of it. There is no mention of a Creator and the created, because everything is a part of God, and God is everything according to this philosophy. Theologians call this belief system "pantheism", not to confuse with polytheism. 


Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah, was a devout christian. Nowhere did he speak of a Christ being not Jesus. When he heard that people thought he was Jesus Christ, he rapidly sended an Archbishop to teach that he was not. He put great effort in worshipping the Most High, a thing unspeakable in the sight of a New Ager. New Agers follow themselves, because they think that Jah is everything and everything is Jah. They follow a doctrine which is in clear contradiction with Jah scripture.  Still, unfortunately, New Age thinking has also found its way within the movement of Rastafari. I think there is such a big group of "new age Rastas" now, you can even speak of an esotherical house of Rastafari. Most of them are friendly, lovely people. They strive for righteousness in their own surrounding. I think, most of them don't realize where they are getting themselves into. Taken from scripture, one of the Rastaman's creeds is: "Righteousness will cover the earth". I am afraid, that a lot might not realize the new age proclaims: "SELF-Righteousness will cover the earth". 

Especially since Haile Selassie left the visible spectrum, a feeding soil for a more mystical, esotherical form of spirituality was created. When perhaps most Rastas believed Selassie to be Christ Jesus, as long as the Ethiopian Lion of Judah was physically present, their worship was directed towards HIM, Rastafari. With the Emperor reported dead, some Rastas began to look inside for Selassie, worship gradually changed into spirituality of the new age kind. I think not so many New Age Rastafarians realize, that there is no place for worshipping Christ in the New Age way of thinking. This is also very logical, for they teach that you are god yourself. The more you get initiated, the more you will realize this.


So many topics that have not been covered yet, I know. But I hope, a foundation for a New Age study is laid. It is the same foundation, as we read in scripture "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." (! Cor. 3:11). Whether you are Christian, or Rastaman, this is the foundation. A foundation which can not be removed. The New Age teachings, as we saw, attack this foundation, when they want to separate Jesus and the Christ. When a Rastaman sights Selassie I as Yeshouah Christ returned, he does not make a differentation between Christ and Yeshouah. Maybe too much Rastafarians do not see the importance of this to the fullness, but they stand on the foundation which gets attacked by New Age teachings. If you like to know more, there is a list of advised literature on this page. Click on the link below to view it.

I wish to each and everyone, much wisdom in the decisions and the meditations that will occur after reading all this. 

One Love, One Heart.
Messian Dread

FOOTNOTE 1: When you look to the first two scriptures of Genesis, you will read that Jah created the heavens and the earth in the beginning, and that the earth was without form and void. Looking to the original Hebrew language, it is better to say: the earth became without form and void. It is the result of the falling of lucifer, as I have been reporting in this article. Lucifer was dropped on the earth (from Venus?) because it was all darkness. Therefor Jah re-created the earth with the living creatures such as the birds, the fish, the mammals, and us, sons and daughters of man, in Ethiopia, in the garden of Eden. This garden was created especially for mankind, outside of it lucifer was still there, darkness was still there.

FOOTNOTE 2: found this transcript online, there is a site dedicated to Sanat Kumara. Click here to see the page.

FOOTNOTE 3: This initiation is a thing from which they say, everyone will experience it when the new age is there. When Spangler, one of the main figures in the New Age center Findhorn says that we have to undergo a luciferian initiation, he also says that those who will refuse it, will be taken to a different dimension, where they will learn about the new age, before they will re-incarnate. This means nothing else as brutal murder. A lot of things point in the direction, that this is the matter of the mark of the beast. When the aim is, to give every individual on the earth exactly what (s)he needs, there needs to be some kind of technology which will enable this. In order to prevent abuse, every person needs to be linked on some kind of bio-digital network. Revelation speaks of the "mark of the beast", without this mark one can not buy or sell. One gets excluded from the economical activities, and thus will eventually starve to death. One could argue, well we are self supporting. But all the goods of the world needs to be in the hand of this system, in order to be functioning as a "righteous system based upon the principals of sharing"





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