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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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a personal testimony and statement of faith by Messian Dread, January 11, 2005.

    Greetings, all beloved of JAH Rastafari, all those who will ever read this Itation in HIS Iration.

    Greetings in the Name of JAH Rastafari, Creator of heaven and earth and all that dwelleth therein, Who has been revealed to I and I stricktly through Yesus Kristos, the WORD OF JAH, Divine Saviour and sole Redeemer of mankind who has been revealed to HIS Creation by the works of His Hands.

    Greetings in the Name of Yesus Kristos, Who has been revealed to I and I through the personality of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.

    This is the first time that I have stated my personal "statement of faith" as clearly as this.

    JAH RASTAFARI knows how many are waiting for it, too. And HE knows why. I only know the ones who asked me. And I don't care why they do, because it is an opportInity to witness of my faith in JAH RASTAFARI.

So here it is: I believe in Jah Rastafari. I believe Yesus Kristos is JAH Rastafari in the flesh. Without apology, loud and clear.

The gathering of all JAH Rastafari people of all ages and all places is under the NAME of Yesus Kristos. Everybody who believes that YESUS KRISTOS is JAH RASTAFARI in the flesh, is part of what is known as "The Body of Christ", or "the Church".

JAH RASTAFARI means JAH HEADCREATOR in the language of the movement of RASTAFARI. This movement started in Jamaica when the Emperor of Ethiopiah was crowned King of Kings, Elect of Jah, Haile Selassie I. His name was Tafari (Creator or Creation, meaning "man"), and he became Haile Selassie ("Power" or "Government" of the Trinity)

For the Rasta's, as everybody knows them, it was clear that JAH RASTAFARI could never be the "god" they heard of at the many "churches" that were spread across the island. Some of these organizations called themselves "mission" or "church". Many were agents of the very system that brought them there in the first place.

Most Rasta's, or Rastafarians, were of direct African descent and it wasn't their choice or the fore parent's choice that they were on Jamaica. They were brought there on "slave ships". One of these slave ships proudly carried the NAME SS JESUS OF BISMARCK. Because of the evil nature of this ship, it's not far-stretched to call this ship by it's true name: JESUS of BEAST-MARK.

In fact, it's even better to speak the truth than to parrot a lie. For that ship really carried the mark of the beast. The system it represented and who introduced themselves as literal Jesus Freaks in their blasphemy, was clearly identified by the early Rasta's.

Their fore parents were brought there on ships who were owned by "Jesus the antichrist". They carried the mark of the beast. And the beast was the foundation of the system that kept them in poverty on ground which was previously inhabited by people called Arawak. But they were killed, and the system that kept the Jamaican people in bondage certainly was still in force.

There was one thing that the system which kept them down couldn't keep from them: The fact that there is a Creator, and He certainly wasn't the One behind the system that introduced their "god" with the same Name as the Divine Saviour.

The system which kept them down, was using the Bible and names like "God" and "Jesus" in these "churches" and "missions" to feed propaganda in the minds of people. All to keep them obedient to the other part of that very same shitstem: the "state".

The Rasta's found themselves literally caught between church and state. They checked that Bible and had long discovered how the system was BABYLON ITSELF and they were feeding propaganda from JAH RASTAFARI, the Almighty One.

BABYLON Shitstem told them about "Jesus" and "god" and the more they checked, the more they saw how these "Jesus" and "god" were only names picked out of the Bible. The true gods of Babylon were Satan and Baal. Ever since Nimrod built his tower in ancient times, this shitstem had been using the people in slavery and bondage with only one aim and one god and one destiny: world power, Satan, and downstruction. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.

But the Rastas knew, although the Bible was very much corrupted by Babylon System throughout the ages even, she (1) couldn't corrupt the Book of Books completely. That's how powerful the message of the Bible is!

The Rastas checked a little deeper where they were coming from, on that ship on the sea, carrying the mark of the beast.

If they were in Babylon, then they were taken from the land of creation into the land of "civilization".

And we all know what is "the cradle of civilization": the forces of Babylon are pouring out the depleted uranium there by the tons at the moment, to cover their roots with death and destruction. The soil of Iraq is radioactively contaminated and mothers "producing" "monsters" as babies as a result of the orgy of death of George W. Bush and his Babylonian elite.

The Rastas could no longer be fooled. They knew that Babylon was giving them the image of a Jesus that didn't even match with their corrupted church "by-bell"...

Marcus Garvey told them how Babylon was looking at themselves while reading the "bible". He told the Jamaicans to go look for themselves, were THEY were coming from, because Babylon was bound to fall.

In one of Marcus Garvey's "churches", JAH JAH spoke to the parish and told them to look to Africa, because a king would be crowned. And he would be the herald of the return of Yesus Kristos, as Babylon was bound to fall.

In Africa, Ras Tafari was crowned Haile Selassie.


Everything matched exactly with Revelation. NOT just his crowning, but everything. The story that led to it. The struggle it took to make Ethiopiah from a queendom into the Empire of the King of Kings.

And that wasn't all. Haile Selassie was of direct descent from King David. The Davidic throne was the only throne which wasn't corrupted by Babylon. Oh yes, JAH warned the children of Israel when they wanted a king. Because it would bring them slavery. But the king they crowned couldn't stay for long and had to flee like a wolf flees from the LION. And King David was anointed king, his rule wasn't by force, but he was to represent the power of JAH RASTAFARI until JAH RASTAFARI would come and Rule in Righteousness over HIS Creation.

When he was crowned, nations came to him to pay him honor. And when he was Emperor, the forces of Mussolini, one of many political antichrists or false messiah's (false anointed ones) of these days (Hitler and Krishnamurti were two others) couldn't conquer him either.

It leads to far to write a complete history of the movement of Rastafari in this written witness of I personal relationship with JAH RASTAFARI as only one of HIS many, many, many creations. A written I-witness of I salvation through Yesus Kristos, JAH Rastafari in the flesh.

Please don't even consider it an attempt to write some analysis or objective description about it as that is because the very nature of this movement prohibits that. I am giving I witness account. Who feels it, knows it.

I know that JAH Rastafari used the movement of RASTAFARI to draw me to YESUS KRISTOS where Babylon's church and state system had used the Name of YESUS and the by-bell to keep me downpressed.

I know that the movement of Rastafari has identified Babylon Shitstem as the global Satanist order that it is. All the way from Nimrod to the New World Order, the people of the world have been suffering and suffering under the brutal rule of force called "god's appointed government".

The people in Jamaica feel it everyday and every night. They have woke up the people of the world to the fact that this is Babylon fe real and we got to chant her down right now, until JAH Rastafari will downstroy her to the fullness.

This personal statement of faith is also not some written "private confession" or "coming out" which certain revealed Christ-Pharisees of today may use to show a diss-informed Christian audience to "proof" that I "call myself a Rasta", as they judge(3) me in some bizarre attempt to divide the children of JAH RASTAFARI.

Because I still don't call myself Rasta, and I still consider it a big sign of respect when true Rasta's call me Rasta, and I still see that certain people who also call me "Rasta" say so to cuss at me.

Well, cuss at me for who I am. I don't want to imitate anyone but my Shepherd. The Good Shepherd from Psalm 23. JAH Rastafari. But my "I-mitation" of Yesus Kristos is a very poor one. It's an I-tation of I heart only. An I Witness account, a statement of faith. But without apology and ready to reason about it the fullness. Not foolishness.

This is I witness, not a documented essay on some thing. This is I faith. Not no teaching, not no "doctrine", not no ism or skism or messiandreadianismskism. I am only a disciple of Yesus Kristos, born of JAH by being born again into the Kingdom of JAH on august 6, 1985. I only accept HIM as my Teacher, for it is HE, Yesus Kristos, that I build I house on.

And no, "house" is not a group. Every dread has his house. And my house is a humble little mansion in the House of JAH Rastafari. Because Yesus Kristos has given me that little mansion which is enough for I.

You have your house. Build it. Build it on Yesus Kristos, the ROCK of Iternity, JAH the Saviour! JAH Rastafari say so!

And I know this faith in JAH RASTAFARI is an enigma or confusion for some. So let me BURN away all BABYLON CON-FUSION out of the House of Messian Dread.

Because it is clear for all those that see Babylon System, those who are not that blinded by her manifold methods of propaganda to keep the mental slavery going on, that the Emperor of Ethiopiah was at in many way related to "events" described in the book of the Apocalypse.

Let's look at the witness of the Emperor himself. He said, in short, his function and personality should be seen as "Ikon of Christ in His Kingly Character".

That's not only a good description of the Emperor, and those who know the life of Haile Selassie better then I do (I'm not an expert, just a big respecter and in some ways follower) say so too, it's also a confirmation for the book of the Apocalypse.

The By Bell speaks witnesses how Babylon came to force in the days of Abraham and how she will finally fall when JAH Rastafari becomes Haile Selassie, Power of the Trinity.

This is so clear when you know the story of Babylon. It's not some little mystic prophecy, not some nostradamnus enigma. JAH JAH reveal it for those who have eyes to see. And with these eyes they witness of the things they see. And the people who have eyes to see JAH Rastafari have been given those eyes in a tremendous offer of grace.

But even those who blinded by doctrines, religions, pastors priests and presidents, must see. And even when they can't see, they might be able to hear some thing.

the cry of the sufferers, that scream to high tops of the Throne of JAH Rastafari, to avenge the blood that is constantly shed by Babylon for the NAME of JAH RASTAFARI, YESUS KRISTOS!

Hear the witness of the sufferers who founded the movement of Rastafari and consider their knowledge which is always ridiculed by the Babylonians. But I praise JAH Rastafari for every tongue that confesses that JAH Rastafari is King of Kings and Lord of lords even when the idol of the antichrist is brainwashed into the so-called Christian doctrines that many run after these days.

Look around you, research the statements you hear in so many conscious Reggae lyrics. Check them with the Bible, and with those who witness of their relationship with JAH Rastafari.

They will all tell you how JAH Rastafari will mash down Babylon and will show that HE is SELASSIE, HIS power will rule.

But before JAH RASTAFARI will reveal HIMSELF as HAILE SELASSIE, He came once as a Lamb to the slaughter.

Even further.

JAH RASTAFARI, became TAFARI when He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the virgin Mary. Some say birth, but as abortion is murder He was not clearly not created at birth.

We know Him as Yesus Kristos, or Jesus Christ.

Yesus is a "translation" from the original Hebrew Jahoshuah which means JAH (the) SAVIOUR.

Kristos is a "translation" of Mashiach or Messiah. This "simply" means "anointed one".

Yesus Kristos is JAH who came in the flesh. He became man (Tafari) among man. But because He is JAH RASTAFARI, Babylon tried to kill Him. In order to prevent Him from becoming HAILE SELASSIE (Power of the Trinity), they used the Pharisees and other followers of Satan's little queendom to drive the massive into a total state of brainwash.

They kept screaming "Crucify Him", where a few days earlier they had welcomed JAH Rastafari as Messiah. Many called Him Christ on one day, and the next one they were under the state of total mental slavery, including some of His closest friends. Judas even betrayed him, Simon betrayed him three times even!

And when the Roman foot soldiers of Babylon committed the public execution of JAH RASTAFARI's fleshly body, His "Tafari", the people had long realized what they were being used for. They never wanted JAH Rastafari to be dead. Some only knew He was Messiah, and that He chanted down Babylon in her church and state slave system, but this was never a thing which they had wanted.

They had seen how the Rasta, as some would call Him today, was made to carry His Cross. His Tafari, His body couldn't take it and Simon the ETHIOPIAN took the cross for Him.

JAH Rastafari and Ethiopiah have a special connection which Babylon always denies so strong. JAH reveal it. By-bell or Bible reveals it too, everytime the Ethiopian is mentioned. From the first page on and on. Even until today JAH Rastafari has a movement of HIS people livicated to it! Rastafari!

When Yesus Kristos was crucified, His Tafari died.

After three days JAH, the Creator of all, made the Tafari of Yesus Kristos rise from the grave. Out of deadlock arose a Dreadlock and the first thing He did was scare the Roman foot soldiers of Babylon away from His "grave". Hah! Dead cyaan hold HIM, JAH RASTAFARI, when HE comes to Save HIS CREATION, all of the children of man, out of Babylon into HIS Kingdom, which is even more then all of His Creation. It's beyond the Universe! JAH! RASTAFARI!

Yesus Kristos is risen from the death by the Father. Who soever believes in his or her heart, that He is risen from the dead by the Father, the Creator, the Creator of all, JAH RAS TAFARI, and confesses Yesus Kristos IS that JAH RASTAFARI, shall be saved by the assurance of the WORD of JAH, YESUS KRISTOS ALONE!

Now, there can only be one true YESUS KRISTOS, only One Who can be Anointed to be JAH, the Saviour: and that is JAH RASTAFARI, JAH the CREATOR of all.

All the others are from "spirit of anti-Christ". They call themselves Jesus Christ but they are the opposite.

When one has a personal relationship with JAH RASTAFARI through YAHOSHUAH MASHIACH, one can have an I witness of this relationship always. That must be.

An I witness account of this Relation is called in the global "angelic" language of Babylon: Test-I-Money or testimony.

But even through this corrupt and Babylonian language, which in itself keeps so many people under a prisoner mind-set, we can still find each other because of this personal Relationship. Yesus Kristos is REAL, HE is the TRUTH WAY and LIGHT, and nobody come to JAH Rastafari than through HIM, Yesus Kristos.

That Light is the Real Light, that shines away the darkness. And no, that's not the blackness which the racist Babylonians who spin their devil philosophy into their language to keep black people down like to point to everytime with their so-called back and white magic and thing. It's the darkness that eyes who don't do what they are created for see.

It's in that darkness or confusion or Babylon that Satan comes as an angel of light. I do consider the fact that I and I can communicate at the speed of light by this world wide angelic or English language, Babylon's contemporary tool of semantic brainwash, very relevant in that context!

It's an extra responsibility to speak the truth.

The words we speak, must be words of truth. Everything in creation points out to that. When we don't say them: confusion everytime!

Take "Word Of God". The Biblical definition is: "Yesus Kristos".

Many people call their translated version of a lost manuscript "the Word of God" too. Sometimes, the scriptures refer to that original manuscript as "the Word of God", especially in the time before Yesus Kristos came.

You can quote the Bible and say "the word of God says:", but you become a scribe or Pharisee when you take this as a "principal truth".

Watch this.

"The Word Of God says: The Word Is JAH" (John 1:1).

Does the bible say, that the bible is JAH?


The Bible says of itself, that it is only a Witness of Yesus. Like the Emperor say of himself is a witness. Like you and I must be witness of Yesus Kristos. When someone can only witness of another witness, one cannot know JAH Rastafari personally.

What are you going to do when someone wants to convince you that you should not build on Yesus Kristos, but on some by-bell? And when he covers this up for the massive by using a terminology which can sometimes be applied to that by-bell, but always to Yesus Kristos?

You make him read John 1:1 and you make him use the word Bible where he reads "word of god" or "word".

"In the beginning was the Bible, and the Bible was with JAH and the Bible was JAH."

So, when someone claims to "witness" from "the Word of God", I would definitely define "Word of God" as Yesus Kristos.

Because you witness from what you experience.  

When you say "I witness from a doctrine", you have not experienced the personal revelation of JAH RASTAFARI which brings freedom from Babylon mental slavery called false "doctrine".  

When your only witness is a "doctrine", you literally "tell what you are told". You done some reading about Yesus Kristos but you don't know Him.

You even get offended when people witness from their personal relationship with "the Word of God" (YESUS KRISTOS!) which doesn't fit your idea of studying the Word of God as only reference to "God"...

This is what happened to me in an "off-line situation".

I offended someone during my witness that the movement Rastafari and not the By-Bell had taught me about Babylon Shitstem and JAH Rastafari before I became born again in Yesus Kristos. A witness from the love of JAH Rastafari through Yesus Kristos, because JAH love goes much further then a "doctrine" from a corrupted translation of a manuscript which is lost forever. It was HIS Grace that HE pulled me towards HIM.

The offense started immediately after I mistakenly used his "political correct by-bell language definition" of "word of god: the Bible, not Yesus Kristos" in an unguarded moment, trying to tell him in his by-bell language I had not heard from Babylon Shitstem from "the Word of God".

This is when I realized how important it is to continually speak the truth, to use the right definition rather then go along with a wrong definition.

Especially in situations like this, where Babylon come in the name of Jesus again to fight against JAH RASTAFARI and HIS PEOPLE. Where Babylon come again to tickle the ears of those that can't hear the voice of JAH RASTAFARI. False teachers who deny that JAH RASTAFARI speaks through His Creation and His many Witnesses, like the Emperor of Ethiopiah and the Bible. Who deny that all creation speaks about YESUS KRISTOS and how he will mash down Babylon in this three dimensional shituation.

This same person had offended I and I with his "witness" how "The Word Of God destroyed Babylon in 70AD when his Roman foot soldiers downstroyed the Temple in Jerusalem". Of course he wasn't there, so he "witnessed" it from the "the word of god". Ah, well, actually a false doctrine with a biblical surface-level language with all kinds of quotations from "the word of god" to show how the doctrine was "the word of god".

JAH Rastafari says to fight the good fight in the NAME of YESUS KRISTOS: against duppies and their false reason-ings. JAH Rastafari says to set the captive free from blindness and deafness.

Once I was in a very deep conversation with a captive. He was constantly quoting his god to me which he continually named "the word of god".

However, it was his complete and entire "test-money-money". His "money" was what he called "the word of god". He couldn't stop quoting it, and as soon as I went deeper into his personal "test-money-money", the less I saw signs from a personal relationship with the Word of God, YESUS KRISTOS!

Now the By-Bell is often referred to as "the word of God". Of course, Yesus said that the By Bell witnesses of Him too. Is another Ikon or witness of Him. Everything JAH Rastafari  created is a witness of Him, no matter how corrupted it is.

In fact, there are no perfect witnesses in this Creation, and I think that that is an absolute crucial point to consider for everyone.

Not even the by-bell.

The most false doctrines can be taught out of any translation, keeping weak hearts under the control of Satan's intimidations.

Most people only check "translations", anyway and even more just listen to "pastors" reading their choices from their chosen translations. Especially when it tickles their ears right back to sleep.

    Nobody has the original manuscripts, researchers check copies of manuscripts at best. I think JAH has done that for a purpose. For than that manuscript would be the "word become flesh". Simple.

Atheists and mockers and scorners laugh at us when we read from it, they point out to the many other books that have an equally (un)credible story around it's existence and ancient origin and wisdom and "god" or even "gods" and what have you in this creation that SUFFERS under the pain given by the beast an Babylon.

That's why it's so important to see how ALL Creation confesses that YESUS KRISTOS JAH RASTAFARI is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Even Babylon seh so. they must. The Book of Revelation is not just a "prediction puzzle", it is a REVELATION! It tells you about the world you live in. It tells you JAH RASTAFARI is THE LION OF JUDAH!

Revelation happens everytime JAH RASTAFARI LIGHT shines into the darkness.

In deep and long talk with someone witnessing you that his god comes to take the "r" out of your dread, JAH RASTAFARI Reveals too. Right there!

The person with who I was having this six-hour confrontation with, said repeatly to me that he was "witnessing" to me. This was after I had told him I considered his statements a false doctrine. And after a while he claimed he "witnessed of a doctrine". And he told me it "came from the word of god" as well.

When he didn't use "the word of god" to communicate his testimony, he spoke argumentation of his sources, which I could recognize. I've researched that particular "doctrine" for two years as a kind of personal testing of my faith. They've given me nuff food for thought, but in the end they deny the movement of Rastafari.  

I researched them the fullness, until I reached the foolishness and that is where I stopped checking them. So I checked it all and kept the good according to the best of my overstanding.

I had summarized this particular doctrine in a conclude-zion or conclusion as a deader: Meat for sheep.

If they were right, I should then have to deny my complete Identity of which I know it is born of JAH. And not only I, but all Dreadlocks who chant down Babylon and love JAH Rastafari. My witness, everything I do and say in the NAME of Yesus Kristos, would be a lie.

In this case, the message of his "word of god" to me was: "dread, your roots are not based on my doctrine"...

My roots? JAH Roots!

Whenever they try to take the "r" out of my dread, I consider them to be "deader".

For what is a tree without roots, even though it's planted by the rivers of water? But when your roots is JAH Roots, when you have a personal relationship with JAH Rastafari through Yesus Kristos because you're Born again by the Holy Spirit of JAH Rastafari, you know when you see a deader with an axe trying to cut you from your roots.

This particular doctrine had an axe to cut the dreads of all true Dreadlocks Rasta who chant down Babylon in this time and hour.

They try to take the "r" out of my dread, I consider them to be "murderer".

Them can include "doctrines". For there is but one doctrine. Jah Rastafari. JAH Rastafari doctrine is one with JAH as JAH Rastafari doctrine is the Way to HIMSELF. And JAH Rastafari gave us a new spirit by the Holy Spirit of JAH Rastafari through the works of Yesus Kristos.

JAH Rastafari doctrine will never contradict JAH Rastafari as HE REVEAL HIMSELF to I and I. We make mistakes, we see partial, we never overstand. I know. I know many people I will never overstand. But I do know these people and I do that they exist even though I do not overstand.

I believe JAH Rastafari revealed Himself to me and has drawn me to Him by His Love and care, not because of my bloodline or good deeds. I have accepted Yesus Kristos as my personal Lord and Saviour and I do not think my bloodline or deeds are of any importance or even significance for the Most High JAH Rastafari when he make me a new creation through the Works of Yesus Kristos. Everybody can have this relationship, everyone can be redeemed from the sins of his flesh which we all carry with us.

And it might be even so that the more we realize how we carry sins, the more we realize how we need that Saviour. Some even carry sins in their bloodlines and long to be free from their physical bodies as they carry the blood of Babylon in them.

JAH Rastafari loves all mankind, all sons and daughters of Adam. All Tafari's. He became a Tafari Himself, a true Rastaman, and let Himself be slaughtered to pay for the sins of all mankind. To make it possible for all mankind to seek JAH RASTAFARI, the HOLY ONE.

Even stronger. To become a new born creation. In direct contact with the Father, JAH Rastafari. The "doctrine" is written in your heart. It's a Loving full Iducation from the Father of you as His creation.

And it's this new born creation which makes you who you are. And from this Identity we must witness.

When people "witness", they refer to themselves, to their roots, their "r".

And when people "witness of a doctrine", they don't witness of a personal relationship with Yesus Kristos. For Yesus Kristos is not a doctrine, but JAH RASTAFARI HIMSELF IN THE FLESH ("materialized as human")

They witness about what they have been told. And when their only I witness account is a repeat of a doctrine, a teaching, they have been listening to a witness of Yesus Kristos at best, like the Emperor of Ethiopiah or the By Bell or even their next-door neighbor.

JAH never want no creation to stand between HIM and we as humans. There is a direct "line" with JAH RASTAFARI through YESUS KRISTOS. From the beginning of her time, Babylon System has set themselves between JAH and man. But JAH has countered that by becoming JAH and MAN in YESUS KRISTOS.

And yes, JAH uses witnesses. The By-bell, the Emperor, in fact all of JAH Rastafari Creation speak of YESUS KRISTOS. even when they don't know, even when they don't want to! RASTAFARI!

But more often than not ones are listening to false preachers, so-called pastors, who cleverly use all kind of "doctrine" based on "the word of god" to tickle the ears of the weak hearts who are distracted by the many distractions in Babylon.

The Doctrine of the Conspiracy Theory, for example. People love conspiracy theories. Babylon loves them too. It keeps the almost-awake in the twilight zone. It tickles their ears to hear all kinds of so-called secrets while they think they have to decipher enigma's in order to wake up and live.

In Psalm 2 you can read about the conspiracy reality. The leaders of nations gather themselves against JAH Rastafari. But what does JAH? He laughs at them. Scorns at them and their puny tiny little plans. It's not about no "conspiracy'. JAH Reveal it for all to see.  Those who know JAH laugh about all of these distractions too.

The workers of Babylon think they can conquer the Most High...  A theory for them, a joke of JAH Rastafari.

A distraction for Truth seekers.

Conspiracy theories keep people's focus away from the things that matter. As long as they focus on conspiracy they will remain in theory. It makes them into paranoid weak hearts who fall by the instant they realize it's not about theory at all. And they forget all about JAH who invites them to come laugh about the tiny little plans of Babylon.

Conspiracy theories also form the roots of many false doctrines. And because these doctrines are based on lies, they can't be a guidance to JAH.

And they aren't.

But they are a guidance still. A guidance to a state of mental slavery. Because, as you focus on conspiracies and theories, you are being programmed to guide others into mental slavery. And you're like a little parasite who rides along the bandwagons of the conspirers to get some pirated initiation into the theory.

That's where the conspiracy made you lose reality and captive of a theory.

When the theory is brought as a "doctrine" from "the word of god", it becomes the Conspiracy Doctrine!

And when you hear people's test-money-money and it's all based on doctrine and not a personal revelation of JAH Rastafari that makes them rejoice over the coming fall of Babylon even though she is currently still somewhere in the future, you know they are not free.

You can even build a "doctrine" on the By bell alone, without having to alter the "translation". Just look at the workers of Babylon who use the King James Version as their word of god, their little god. How they kill black people continually in the name of their word of god.

Yesus Kristos also told the "pastors" and "bible teachers" and all these others workers of Babylon who were "studying the scriptures", looking for eternal life, that they could read all they wanted, but as long as the did not realize that these scriptures were only a witness of Him, they would never overstand.

All they would ever do is witness more theory. For they were only reading, while around them JAH Rastafari was setting the people free by the multitude and was even telling them so. But all they did was killing Him. JAH only used the confusers and turned their little conspiracy into their biggest defeat when Yesus Kristos paved the Way by becoming the Way on that cross.

And so you can meet all kinds of "witnesses of doctrines" who can witness about the by-bell as "the word of god" while they obviously never have seen the Revelation of JAH Rastafari in their lives. They have never become that true new born creation and so all they could do is parrot the witness of Jahoviah.

But JAH made sure there is no perfect witness of Him on this earth. Not even the Emperor of Ethiopiah, not the Bible, nor anything in creation.

That's why there is no original manuscript anymore. If there would be, it would be worshipped. If there is a perfect witness of JAH, he will be worshipped.


I was, as said earlier, in a 6 hour confrontation with a witness of a doctrine. He was witnessing about the "word of god", the by bell.

And repeatly I told him that he was building on the by-bell and I was building on JAH Rastafari, Yesus Kristos of whom the by-bell is only an imperfect witness as the original manuscripts are lost. And he agreed with me pon that.

He even considered my personal witness an offense as I added my personal experiences to my personal testimony of my faith, my witness. This is how little he had tasted from the living water of Life, JAH Rastafari Live.

And in some way he knew, too. He knew he wasn't free. He knew he was captive of a "word" of a "god". But he liked being captive in some way.

Because he confirmed that I was free and he was captive in a little Babylonian prison walls called "doctrine"

He confirmed several times his total agreement with my statement that he was building on the Bible where I was building on Yesus Kristos.

This is how important it is to speak the truth. Even in the language of Babylon (con-fusion, mix-up) called English (angel-ic) in their world wide web of con-fusion.

And of course we're not perfect and all. Neither I-bell or By-bell. I (don't) wonder why...

Because the imperfection of the witnesses, is a witness of the perfection of JAH RASTAFARI. They all say: go to your Creator, ALL of JAH Rastafari Creation!

Even whether they praise JAH RASTAFARI or not, in creation this is a revelation that all knee will bow and all tongue confess that YESUS KRISTOS IS JAH RASTAFARI.

And that's why I believe in JAH Rastafari.

(1) She refers to the book of Revelation where Babylon Shitstem is presented as a whore. Where JAH has HIS KINGdom Babylon her QUEENDOM.
(2) Haile Selassie means: Power of the Trinity. Power is the rightful position of rule (NOT to be confused by FORCES which are illegal forms of "rule" in JAH Kingdom
(3) In the language of the Christ Pharisees, "Rasta" means "Idol Worshipper" as they do not want to acknowledge JAH RASTAFARI.




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