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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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Love and Unity 

Many Christians speak and think about "love and unity". Including myself. In a world where the Power Elite is using all kinds of techniques based on the simple "divide-and-rule" principal, the Divine Saviour Yesus Kristos urged His followers to "be as one" and to "love one another". This very same Yesus Kristos also said, by the way, that He didn't come to unite but rather to divide. And the word Babylon translated from Hebrew means: "mix-up, con-fusion, an unholy alliance". So there is "love and unity", and there is "dividings and unholy alliances".

There is another word which is used in this same context. Or rather, two words describing certain opposites. These words are also used as a canon or law by many people in order to see as to whether they have to "love" and "be one" with some other person. These two words are "positive" and "negative". Personally, I do not agree that these words have anything to say about the "love and unity" as well as "divisivement" of which our Lord and Saviour Yesus Kristos spoke about.

But still, many who profess to follow Yesus Kristos speak about "positive" and "negative" as if they were electricians rather than Christians. This becomes clear, as to what they actually mean with "positive" as well as "negative". All they speak about, namely, are pure feelings. Emotions. It's a "Feel-Good-Gospel" where these Christians believe in. "Jesus makes you happy", and what have you...

Sure, the Divine Saviour makes you happy. But how, why and when? Is He some kind of drugs, to keep us asleep while the world around us is being prepared for the one-world-government of the coming antichrist?

Especially in neo-evangelical circles, the words "positive" and "negative" are used in this context. Everything must be "positive", that is: in no way offensive to someone else. When our Lord walked on this earth, He would not have been accepted in many neo-evangelical churches. He would be regarded divisive, without love, in one word: "negative".

So, when love and unity is not based on any law of having to feel-good, not on positive or negative, where is it based on?

I don't know about you, but when I look to myself, I know why I follow Yesus Kristos. I do so, because He is the Truth. It is true, that He is Who He says He is. It is true, that I am who He says I am!

He said, that He did not come to unite, but to divide. But to His disciples He said that they have to be in unity. At least, that is what He prayed to the Father. He told us to love each other and be one, and He told us to love each and everyone. "Love thy neighbor as thy loveth thyself", He said. And we all love ourselves. We truly do.

But, is "love" the same as "unity"? No. While it is true, that we have to love everyone, we should not strive to be in unity with everyone. We should not enage ourselves in spiritual fornication. So love is not the same as unity. Ask any married couple about the difference...

Ask JAH about the difference, even!

The most important Bible Scripture: "For JAH so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son so that each one who believeth unto Him shall not perish but have everlasting life". Is Jah one with the world? No, He is not. Still, He loves the world.

The unity, of which our Lord and Saviour speaks about, is based on the truth. The Truth, ultimately being Himself. When you are born again into the body of Kristos, you have become a member of a mystic spiritual family. Yesus said: "Be as one, as you are all brethren"). So we don't really have to strive for a unity which is allready there. If you are a member of that mystical spiritual family, you don't have to strive for that unity, you have to walk in it.


Not by being "positive". When Paul rebuked Peter, that surely wasn't "positive". But Peter listened nevertheless. He didn't talk about "you're negative and divisive". He knew, not that "Paul was right", but that Paul was only reminding him of... the truth!

It is by a love for the truth, that you recognize with whom you have to be "one". Because what you love, is what makes you one with other that love this very same thing. So the question is: on what basis should there be a unity? Especially when you know that the unity allready exists?

The apostle Paul talked about "the body of Kristos". He said: "When you are a hand, you should not tell the foot that you do not need him, neither should you tell him to be a hand". This is about "simply" realizing who you are: a part in this body. Why should the hand not tell the foot: "I don't need you"? Because it is not true.

To speak the truth, therefore, is to practice unity. For Yesus Kristos is the Truth!

The Truth is, for example, what made me write my books about Christafari. Not to get any attention to myself, not to "be divisive", or "be negative" even though it is a very negative thing. The simple truth. The simple truth, that the Movement of Rastafari is not how it is described by Christafari, for example. The simple truth, that the Gospel of Yesus Kristos is not a product in no industry, for example.

It is with those who love the truth, that I have a unity with. The Truth, ultimately, being Yesus Kristos Himself! And it shows, when one loves the truth or not. When one is willing to spread false information, willingly and knowingly, for years in a row, one does obviously not love the truth.

It doesn't matter when you don't know everything. It doesn't matter when you're not a walking encyclopedia. Only a few of us are, actually. I for sure am not a walking encyclopedia. But I love the truth enough to know that when someone corrects me because I state some factual incorrectness, it doesn't matter who that person is. I love to be corrected on the basis of the truth. It is this very same mentality that I also see when it's the other side around.

Where should our unity be based on, as Christians? On the truth. Because ultimately, Yesus Kristos is the Truth and therefore: when you look for the truth, ultimately, you will find the Ultimate Truth, Yesus Kristos!

Where should our love be based on, as Christians? On the truth, Because ultimately, Yesus Kristos is the Truth and therefore: when you look for the truth, ultimately, you will find the Ultimate Truth, Yesus Kristos!

One Love,
Messian Dread (Dec 10, 2005)




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