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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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The True Judeo-Christian Civilization found in Ethiopia's Haile Selassie

When you are born again in Yesus Kristos, the books tell us how we are "grafted" on the "tree of Abraham". Elsewhere you can read how Paulus repeatly points out to Abraham as the "father of the faithfull", the "father of many nations" as the meaning of his name is.

The "tree of Abraham" is the covenant that JAH made with him. Abraham was in babylon when RASTAFARI revealed Himself to Abraham, and told him to step out of Nimrod's queendom to go to the place RASTAFARI would send him.

Abraham did not even know the Name of RASTAFARI, just that HE is RASTAFARI. But Abraham trusted JAH on HIS WORD and therefore JAH has made him father of many people.

Abraham didn't know the Name of the One Who called him. Just that He is the Creator of All, the Most High, From beyond Creation! He "just" knew that the One Who called him is RASTAFARI.

How many are in this situation, right here and right now? Many, if not most people know themselves to be called by their Creator. They look around them and they know that there is a Creator. There must be. They hear his voice when they check his creation. Even in the most corrupt state, all creation witnesses that RASTAFARI (Creator of all there is) is LOVE.

Abraham trusted JAH on HIS Word. Rastafari simply told him: "I AM (RASTAFARI)".

And Abraham went.

Abraham's grand-son JACOB became ISRAEL, which means JAH WARRIOR. There's much to say about Israel, but in the context of this little Itation I would like to point out to Israel's most important function, which is to make known the NAME and WORD OF RASTAFARI as well as the Governmentship of JAH.

For it is impossible to trust JAH on HIS WORD when you do not know the WORD. It is impossible to trust JAH on HIS WORD and not realize HIS ABSOLUTE GOVERNMENT!

This is the function of Israel, with all the implications you can possibly think of. Israel reveals the NAME and the WORD of JAH. And how these two are One and will liberate all of His creation for HE is JAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! RAAAAAASTAFARI! ALMIGHTY!

Remember, we are still speaking about the tree of Abraham and the fact that Abraham's covenant was: "Abraham trusted Rastafari on His Word". The implications of the trust: liberation from Babylon!

From Jacob to Yesus, this meant that you had to read the Bible and worship JAH in the temple.

This was temporal. The word (that what JAH says to you and you must trust) wasn't meant to be a set of rules. People had to trust the rules in the Bible if they wanted to trust JAH on His Word until Yesus Kristos came and set mankind free from that temporal set of rules.

When Yesus Kristos came, the Word became flesh. This means, that in order to trust JAH on HIS WORD, you now have to trust JAH on Yesus. You have to believe in Yesus to get to the Father. To be seen as righteous in the sight of JAH! Rastafari. And you will even receive eternal life and a new spirit as a result!

Until the WORD became flesh, until YESUS KRISTOS was conceived in Mary's womb, Israel revealed the NAME of JAH (YHWH) to the rest of mankind by their obvious worship of the One True Creator, Who had revealed HIMSELF to ISRAEL by His NAME: JAH. And they had the written scriptures as "word" to keep them on the right path.

Yesus Kristos is now revealed as the Word. Abraham trusted Rastafari on His Word and that made him righteous. When we trust JAH RASTAFARI on HIS WORD, we must trust Him through what we witness from Yesus Kristos.

Does this mean that Israel was now "passe", history, obsolete?


For it is no longer neccesary to go to a certain place to worship according to a certain set of rules and bring in certain sacrificial objects.

It is no longer neccesary to go to Israel to know the Word. For all those who know Yesus Kristos also know the Word!

But that's where many leave it at, becoming apathic Christians who mistake “Yesus Only for “salvation-only”!

For everyone, the WORD to trust is Yesus Kristos. It is clear how Israel has revealed the Name and the Word of Rastafari, which are now revealed as one.

But Yesus came once, and He will come again. No, not by birth, but definitely in the flesh! His body will be touchable like Thomas touched His body and He will sit physically on the throne to rule over all the earth.

And there will not be an eye that will not see Him! No Sky-Pye Geezers! There will be no blindness and babylon will not be there to con-fuse the minds of men for Lucifer.

His rule is ofcourse the Power/Governent of the Trinity: Haile Selassie. Yesus Kristos will phyisically sit on the throne of Israel as the fulfilment of the revelation that many now allready have: JAH RASTAFARI revealed as HAILE SELASSIE.

Israel proclaims "the NAME of the Lord", as the KJ Version dubbed JAH RASTAFARI, and serves as an Ikon for JAH KINGDOM "until Shiloh Come" and HAILE SELASSIE or JAH GOVERNMENT will be revealed to and obeyed by all.

For Israel has revealed the Name and the Word. But Israel also reveales JAH KINGDOM until it is seen by all.

Those who know (as in: having an interactive relationship with) the WORD, YESUS KRISTOS, are allready living in that kingdom, under the rule of JAH: HAILE SELASSIE. Currently, only those who have spiritual eyes can see HAILE SELASSIE.

Currently, the cup of Babylon is not filled yet. It's not running over yet. Still there is blood of sufferers who are killed for the Name of Yesus Kristos. Black people, the Iraqi People, it goes on and on.

Until Babylon's cup is filled and revelation if fullfilled, only those who know the Word also see Haile Selassie or Yesus Kristos in His Kingly (Not "Lambly") Character.

And until that time, Israel will keep revealing the Word and the Name of RASTAFARI, Yesus Kristos, as well as proclaim Haile Selassie or His Government in His Kingdom: ZION.

It is clear, that when this would be so, Israel would have to accept both the WORD and the NAME: in other words, would have to be a Judeo Christian Civilization.

Not by name, as a simple referance to the fact that Yesus Kristos is born in Israel as Israelite from the tribe of Judah. No, it would have to be a civilization with a true throne and a lineage from David. It would have to be a civilization which would be mentioned in the Books.

Many look to the west and call it "Judeo Christian Civilization". They look to western governments as examples of or even as Haile Selassie (they call it "God's Appointed Government").

An absurdity.

The western "civilization" is bragging how it's cradle is in Nimrod's babylon in anyway you can possibly think of.

Yet there is a Judeo-Christian Civilization. In Ethiopiah!

In Babylon, it's a miracle when you may find JAH RASTAFARI. Oh yes, there's a lot Judeo-Christian "ethics" and blablabla, but the Jews don't like Yesus and the Christians don't like the Jews. So the Jews call Him by His Name but do not acknowlwedge the Word, and the Christians acknowledge the Word but do not know His propper Name. (Generally spoken)

In Ethiopiah, the Judeo Civilization became Judeo-Christian as soon as the ambassador of Ethiopiah shared the good news he had hears from Stephen (somewhere in acts). Ethiopiah does have a special connection with JAH and also a genetical connection with Jacob. The son of Solomon takes his place on the throne of Ethiopiah and proclaims his governmental person as Haile Selassie: the only rightfull government: the POWER of the TRINITY.

In Ethiopiah, the Jews and the Christians are one in acknowledging the Word and the Name.

This is where the Movement of Rastafari comes in.

Founded by direct descendants of the Africans who were stolen from African ground, they were the last to be fooled by the propaganda concerning the "Judeo-Christian Civilization" that brought them to Jamaica in the first place.

They knew where the true Judeo-Christian Civilization was to be found.

By JAH Himself, not by the works of man.

When He created mankind, He created them in Ethiopiah. Then, when He created a nation out of Jacob in slavery, He made sure that Moses was well connected to Ethiopiah. Had he not married an Ethiopian woman?

When Yesus Kristos came, the Ethiopian Government was the first to officially hear from one of JAH's disciples how mankind now could know the WORD and the NAME until HAILE SELASSIE would come.

The movement of Rastafari may not be a Judeo-Christian civilization, even though there is Shashamane land. And the so-called government of Ethiopia may not be representing the government of JAH! RASTAFARI, as they didn't restore the Lion of Judah on the Ethiopian flag after the communists who pirated the throne (but not the government) teared it of.

But the movement of RASTAFARI surely is a true Judeo-Christian Culture and is used by JAH! RASTAFARI to proclaim His WORD, His NAME, and His Government over ALL creation.

The movement of RASTAFARI is a movement of JAH RASTAFARI to proclaim HAILE SELASSIE!

Don't forget: Babylon System will fall and it is not a government but a bunch of pirates who steal the freedom of JAH's children, the children of man, and who rebel against JAH GOVERNMENT or HAILE SELASSIE by calling themselves government.

Every true Rasta is a member of Israel. He is an Israelite. A true "Judeo-Christian" if you will, for he has submitted himself under the power of the Trinity. He proclaims the NAME (JAH) of RASTAFARI (HEAD CREATOR) and is a born or Italized citizen under Haile Selassie, both the Emperor and the Power of the Trinity.

This may all be an enigma in the eyes of some, but it is a revelation in the eyes of others, those who are aware of the voice of the Good Shepherd.

Those who are like Abraham, in the midst of Babylon or Confusion. Hearing the voice of RASTAFARI and acknowledging the Governmentship of His WORD so that they can step out of the wicked system into the land that JAH has provided for His creation.

I know I’m like Abraham’s grand-grand-son. I was called by my Creator. While I was in Babylon, telling me about “goth” and “geezus” and “church” and “state” and “by-bell”, He revealed Himself to me, and told me to trust Him on His Word.

Rastafari revealed Himself to me by opening my ear to Israel, Abraham’s grand-son. At first I only heard the freedom sounds of Reggae. Then I found out it was the voice of JAH RASTAFARI, calling me out of Babylon. Later I understood the WORD, Yesus Kristos, Who guides me throughout this journey.

Not as a member of Israel, but as a citizen of JAH KINGDOM, which is more than Israel, more than this planet, more than all of creation!

I am not a member of Israel myself. My flesh is Frysian and my spirit is born of JAH through the works of my Big Brother, YESHUA HA MASHIACH, JAH! RASTAFARI. Neither of these make me a member of Israel.

Does that mean I think Israel is not to be acknowledged?

Ofcourse not. I am grafted on the tree of Abraham, why should I scorn at his grand-son?

How else could I have gotten to know the Word, and the Name, of RASTAFARI, so that I can be saved and step out of babylon so that I will not receive of the plagues? How else but by Israel?

Should I learn culture from Babylon, or from Israel?

When JAH is my Shepherd, should it surprise me that even though I am not a member of Israel I still recognize parts of my Spritual (JAH BORN!) Identity in Rastafari Culture? How else could my ears have been open when JAH used them to call me to HIM in the first place? Would it surprise anyone to see how the God of Abraham turnes out to be just like the God of Jacob? Could it be because He is One and the Same? JAH RASTAFARI, YESUS KRISTOS!

I owe the movement of RASTAFARI enormous respect for showing me, a little tafari or man, that JAH is BLACK and his WORD is LIBERATION, not no white geezus got with his prison by-bell.

The movement of RASTAFARI, ISRAEL, showed me the WAY out of babylon. I am stepping the journey hard and militantly. Because I know YESUS KRISTOS is HAILE SELASSIE and I see HIM every day.




Yesus Kristos


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Center for Research on Christianity Babylon Observer


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